Week 2 Big-12 Power Rankings: Are The Horns Back?

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BY Jordan Bianucci & Brice Larson 

Jordan Bianucci’s Power Rankings

In regard to my week 1 Big-12 power rankings: mistakes were made. I wiped the board clean this week and started over – something Houston may want to consider doing.

1. Texas

The Longhorns handed Nick Saban his first double-digit home loss as a collegiate coach. I’m sure Texas fans will keep this win in perspective and not act in any way obnoxiously.

2. Kansas State

We’ll finally get a chance to see the Wildcats play a power 5 team this week. Hopefully their matchup with Missouri gives us a better gauge as to how good K-State is.

3.  Oklahoma

The Sooners took care of SMU this past weekend. That’s right, future ACC powerhouse SMU. While Oklahoma isn’t quite the Oklahoma we’re used to seeing, they’re still entrenched at number 3 this week.

4. Oklahoma State

The Cowboys win over Arizona State wasn’t exactly riveting. Who am I kidding? It made Cal-Auburn look like The Shawshank Redemption. But a win over a power 5 team is good enough to keep them at number 4 for now.

5. TCU

TCU is better than they looked against Coach Prime and Colorado. Though I’m still skeptical regarding the Horned Frogs defense. By the way, it’s a little known fact that legally, the media is required to refer to the Buffs as “Coach Prime and Colorado” and you can’t fight city hall.

6. Kansas

Kansas looked really good against Illinois. So much for BYU having a very winnable game when they face the Jayhawks.

7. Texas Tech

I have an 0-2 team at number 7 but the Red Raiders nearly knocked off a really good Oregon team. They should get their first win vs. Tarleton State this weekend.

8. Cincinnati

The Bearcats went on the road and beat Pitt to get to 2-0. The game was televised on the CW, which interrupted a couple of 7th Heaven reruns but no one said we weren’t going to have to make sacrifices.

9. Iowa State

Iowa State lost a one-score game to rival Iowa on the road. They’re tenuously at number 9. However, keep in mind that both Ezra Taft Benson and Jeff Hornacek are Iowa State alums. That’s just a little nugget for all you Mormon history buffs/Jazz fans.

10. UCF

The Knights could be ranked higher after going on the road to Boise State and beating former UVU baseball bat boy Maddux Madsen and the Broncos. That’s not a joke. Former American Fork Caveman Maddux Madsen is the son of longtime Utah Valley head baseball coach Eric Madsen and performed bat boy duties for the Wolverines. On Saturday Maddux took over at QB for the Broncos after their starter was injured, and led them on what appeared to be a game-winning drive. The Broncos left just a little too much time on the clock for UCF. Good luck getting these type of tidbits from Pete Thamel.

11. BYU

I was going to rank BYU much higher but then I listened to SUU’s Head Coach DeLane Fitzgerald’s postgame comments and it turns out the Cougars suck! Also, SUU likes football more than Cougs do. Polling also suggests that the Thunderbirds found Oppenheimer compelling ,while the Cougars preferred Barbie’s biting use of satire.

12. West Virginia

After getting handled by Penn State in Happy Valley, the Mountaineers beat up on Duquesne this week. That sets up a visit to Pittsburgh for this season’s edition of the backyard brawl. A win over Pitt and West Virginia could find themselves as high as 9 in these meaningless extremely consequential power rankings.

13. Baylor

Baylor almost beat the 12th ranked Utes in week 2, leaving Ute fans relieved that their team escaped with the win, and simultaneously depressed that they’re giving up roadtrips to Seattle and San Francisco for arduous treks to Waco when they join the Big-12 next season.

14. Houston

Houston lost to Rice, so I can only assume the Owls outwitted them in some way. Admittedly, I missed this game in spite of my rabid interest in southeast Texas rivalries.

Brice Larson’s Power Rankings

1. Texas

Are the Horns really back? It was a big time win for Sark & Co. handing Saban his first double-digit loss as a college coach. They move to 1 in the Big 12 conference power rankings.

2. Kansas State

K-State is still good. They still deserve respect until proven otherwise. The Cats are legit contenders for a Big 12 title yet again.

3. Oklahoma

The Sooners have a legitimate offense. Do they have what it takes to get it done on the defensive side? Questions there still remain.

4. Kansas

The Jayhawks shoot up the rankings after a beat down of Illinois. The offense is legit and the excitement around this program is sky high. BYU is going to have a hard time going into Kansas to get the win in its first Big 12 conference game on the road.

5. UCF

UCF made a huge jump in this weeks rankings too. The Knights went on the road and pulled out a stunner against the Broncos of Boise State. A good win, but how good is Boise this season? That question still remains.

6. Oklahoma State

The Cowboys fell in my rankings despite the win. They have a major problem at QB since they can’t decide who the starter is in that program. A two QB system never works in football and it showed when they couldn’t beat a bad ASU team handily.

7. Cincinnati

A good win on the road for Cincy sees them make a move up the rankings. They beat Pitt and move to 2-0. Lets see how they handle Big 12 play right around the corner.

8. TCU

The Frogs come in at 8. They haven’t been great, but they haven’t been terrible either. That is why you find them right in the middle of these rankings.

9. BYU

Brigham gets a bump in the rankings after a better win vs FCS SUU. We are going to learn a lot about the Cougs on Saturday as they head to the south. As the week has progressed, its looking like this game is trending in BYU’s favor. Lets see if they can pull off the upset.

10. Texas Tech

Another loss moves the Red Raiders to 0-2. A winless team & at the bottom of the pack, watch out for Texas Tech to make a resurgence in conference play though.

11. Baylor

Baylor jumps up the rankings after playing well against a tough Utah team. They still lost, so they don’t move up too far.

12. West Virginia

The Mountaineers have a lot to prove, they can start to do just that with a win vs Pitt this weekend. Lets see how they fare.

13. Iowa State

Rough times are ahead of the cyclones. They took the L vs their biggest rival & the road gets even harder as they head into Big 12 play

14. Houston

Houston lost to Rice…. at one point they were down 28-0… is it basketball season yet?

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