Week 4 Big-12 Power Rankings: A Rough Week for the Big 12

BY Jordan Bianucci & Brice Larson

Jordan Bianucci’s Power Rankings

All things considered, it was a bad week for the Big-12. Nevertheless, I soldiered on and power-ranked (yes, it’s different than simply ranking) every team in the conference. Look, it’s not easy finding something to say about the 2023 Houston football team. I almost nodded off just typing that sentence. Anyway, enjoy the rankings, they’re free after all.

1. Texas

Like many of their fans, the Longhorns seemed hungover after beating Alabama in week two. Ultimately, Texas put Wyoming away in the fourth quarter to improve to 3-0 and remain atop these prestigious power rankings.

2. Oklahoma

After Kansas State’s loss to Missouri the Sooners move up a spot this week to number two. Sure, it’s by default but give Oklahoma credit for playing a road game at Tulsa. This week the 3-0 Sooners go on the road for a classic Big-12 matchup at Cincinnati.

3. Kansas

Kansas was nearly upset by Nevada but I give them credit for going on the road to Reno. If you haven’t noticed, I like it when power five teams go on the road to group of five schools. Why? Because it’s fun and this is supposed to be fun, dammit!

4. TCU

The Horned Frogs beat a bad Houston team. Normally this wouldn’t propel them to number four but as you’ll see, most of the conference sucked this week.

5. Kansas State

The Wildcats lost on a last second 61-yard field goal at Missouri, which is technically an SEC team. Maybe I should have dropped KSU even further but have I mentioned that most of the conference sucked this weekend?

6. BYU

Is six a little high? Probably. The boys in Royal Blue didn’t look fantastic in Fayetteville. Arkansas was sloppy. They missed a field goal, turned the ball over twice, and committed 14 penalties for 125 yards. But the Cougars came from behind to beat an SEC team on the road, which is impressive. So guzzle another dirty Dr. Pepper Cougar fans, you deserve to celebrate.

7. Texas Tech

Maybe I’m putting too much stock in the Red Raiders’ close loss to Oregon or how difficult it is to play in Laramie, but I think this team is better than their record indicates.

8. West Virginia

WVU outlasted Pitt in the backyard brawl, which left Mountaineer fans slurring the words to John Denver’s “Take Me Home Country Roads” while swilling bathtub gin. Just another Saturday night in Morgantown.

9. UCF

Central Florida (why don’t they like being called that?) is 3-0 and I’m not going to pretend I watched them beat Villanova this week. Also, if you don’t want to be called Central Florida, maybe don’t name the university Central Florida.

10. Cincinnati

The Bearcats lost to Miami of Ohio in overtime. Tough week for Cincy. Bearcats lose on Saturday, Bengals lose on Sunday. But hey, the Reds are still in the hunt for the playoffs.

11. Iowa State 

The Cyclones lost at Ohio this week. Not Ohio State. Ohio. Remember when I said it’s fun when power five teams go on the road to group of five schools? Well, this game included an Iowa State field goal attempt that was ruled no good by the officials. While the football was above the uprights, the kick still looked good. Did they review the play and overturn the call on the field? Nope, the play is not reviewable, which makes it the only play in college football that doesn’t result in the referees staring at a child’s iPad for fifteen minutes while we wonder why we’re watching this stupid sport.

12. Oklahoma State

The Cowboys dropped nine spots this week but that’s what happens when you get dominated by South Alabama at home. Here’s an interesting tidbit to distract all you Cowboy fans: South Alabama has produced two World Series heroes: Luis Gonzalez and David Freese. What are the chances of that? Wow.

13. Baylor

The Bears beat Long Island University for their first win of the year. More importantly, I found out that Baylor keeps two live black bears on campus. No need to worry though, like Baylor’s offense the black bears are submissive.

14. Houston

According to the internet, Houston residents eat out more times per week than any other American city. That fun fact was more interesting than anything that happened during the Cougars 36-13 loss to TCU on Saturday.

Brice Larson’s Power Rankings 

1. Texas

Is Texas back? If they are they can’t afford to start like they did vs Wyoming this past week. They ended up winning but that won’t work moving forward. Texas still has the potential to win the conference this season.

2. Oklahoma

The Sooners get a bump due to Kansas State slipping up at Mizzou. They still really haven’t been tested yet. Big 12 play could mean a different story for OU.

3. Kansas

Kansas has some real athletes. They also have a great offensive scheme. If they stay healthy they could be a problem. BYU heads to Lawrence this week infront of a sold out memorial stadium, that will be a big test for both teams.

4. Kansas State

The Cats lost to Mizzou, yes. The jury is still out on Mizzou in the SEC this season though. They could turn out to be a top 25 team. Watch out for the Cats to be a contender in Big 12 play.

5. BYU 

The Cougs picked up a massive road win at Arkansas and proved they have the dudes to compete. If they win at Kansas, they might take the lead in the Big 12 dark horse race.

6. UCF

The Knights look good. Their first test happens in their conference opener at K-State. UCF fans have talked a lot on social media about already being the best team in the conference & we get to see if that will play out on the football field.

7. TCU

Since losing to Colorado, the buffs have gone on to win two more games and stay undefeated. TCU has also played great football, getting their first conference win this season against Houston. They stay at 7 here and can move up the rankings in the coming weeks.

8. Texas Tech 

The Red Raiders beat former Utah Tech, current Tarleton State QB Victor Gabalis and the Texans 41-3. Unfortunately, that win won’t go far to move them in the rankings this week. Texas Tech can still do damage in conference play and they are the other legitimate threat in the Big 12 dark horse race.

9. West Virginia 

Neal Brown staved off the hot seat for now. The Mountaineers picked up a huge backyard brawl win vs Pitt over the weekend. They still have a lot of questions moving forward.

10. Cincinnati

Miami of Ohio took it too the Bearcats with a “C”. You can’t be losing to teams that take part in MACtion if you want to be taken seriously in a P5 conference.

11. Oklahoma State 

Speaking of being taken seriously… The Pokes got ran out of their own stadium losing to South Alabama 33-7. They still don’t know what is going on at the QB position in Stillwater and until then it will continue to be ugly.

12. Baylor

Baylor finally found a win vs Long Island. But don’t look now, they get to play Texas next as 15 point dogs at home.

13. Houston 

Houston has just been terrible. Due to no work of their own they moved up one spot, only because Iowa State somehow found a way to lay claim to the worst loss in the Big 12 this season.

14. Iowa State 

Matt Campbell spent time yelling at the fans rather than yelling at his team for performing so poorly this past week. The Cyclones managed to take the top spot for the worst performance so far this season. Is that a fire-able offence? Maybe so.


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