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Check out what the top three plays were in BYU’s close lose to UCLA.

Each Monday we will have the top three BYU stories with Jimmy Rex of Rex Real Estate and also his top three properties of the week. Check out their complete list each week of best properties at their website,

1.  Bountiful – $219,900 at 3,700 square foot hose which is banked owned. Basement as a mother-in-law apartment.  $58 per square foot./Ryker Mathews hold play at end of the game.

This UCLA loss is not all on Ryker Mathews at all. Yes, the play didn’t help in the win but there were plenty of other plays that led to BYU not winning the game. With a game coming down to just one point there are multiple of plays on both sides of the ball, and by both teams, that could have changed the outcome. Mathews needs to not beat himself up on making an error on one play and pick himself up and get ready for next weeks Michigan.

2. Herriman on six acres and is going for $308,000 and sold for  $394,000 back on 12/31/2009/Micah Hannemann defensive play.

There is no one who can come in and replace Micah Hannemann and field corner, so he will be the guy out there for the Cougars. Jordan Preator is out for the next few weeks so there is no one better than Hannemann on the team to play field corner. The defensive scheme is close to where it needs to be and the season is still early, so look for Hannemann to keep improving.

3. Highland – $570,000- 8,500 square foot house sitting on 2/3 acres. Home was appraised for  $780K, does need $125,000 in renovations/Nate Carter getting run late in the game.

Why did Robert Anae go with Nate Carter late in the game? Anae says is that he wanted a fresh running back in the game and that is why Carter was given the chance at the carry. At the end of the game why not go with your starting running back in Adam Hine. Also, isn’t that why Frank Wintrich was brought into the program to make sure that BYU players are fresh and able to play late in the game?


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