Tanner Mangum: UCLA loss ‘is not the end of the season’

Tanner Manugm joins the Dan Patrick Show to talk about how his mission helped him on the football field, and exactly what he did athletically on his mission.

BYU freshman quarterback Tanner Mangum has been gaining national respect for the teams 2-0 start, and he joined the Dan Patrick Show to discuss his early part to the season after the UCLA loss. Mangum was asked a variety of questions about his mission , the UCLA loss and also if it really matters to God on who wins.

“I don’t think so. Obviously, sports aren’t everything,” Mangum said. “He cares about us as individuals. Obviously, sports aren’t everything in life, but it’s something that’s fun to play, something that’s fun to do. It’s obviously something that many people are passionate about, something that I’m definitely passionate about, so it’s a great part of life.”

Despite the loss, Mangum was very upbeat about the season and part of that is the team is good and Mangum is just having fun on the football field and everyone can see he is having fun. Who wouldn’t be having fun after not playing competitive

Similar to the Sports Illustrated in a Q&A, Mangum reiterated that football wasn’t his priority in Chile, and he had very little time to work out, let alone play football.

Here is the full interview.


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