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News and Notes:

Criddle: “Brian has been busy with BYUSN, you can see him on BYUTV everyday. He doesn’t have time to go home and change diapers.”

Logan: “Nah, my kid is done in diapers, luckily my wife was able to take care of that.”

Logan: “My wife said that she likes the name Monroe.”

Logan: “My son wants to name the baby Maxon if it’s a boy.”

Logan: “I like bible names, I think they are pretty significant and you can look in the bible where God changes names and he does it for significant reason.”

Criddle: “Nate Austin was awarded a medical redshirt for the 2015-2016 season.”

Criddle: “Alan Hamson has been confirmed by Darnell Dickson that he will be attending BYU as a walk-on to the basketball team.”

How We See It:

Twestion: How optimistic are you for next season knowing that Nate Austin and Alan Hamson will both be on the team?

Logan: “I think it’s huge, Nate does so many things on the court that don’t show up on the stat sheet and he made a huge difference by being injured last year.”

Logan: “Nate is down on the floor fighting for balls and he can inspire his teammates to know that they can do that too.”

Logan: “The exciting thing about Alan is obviously his height. If he can add some lbs then there’s potential. He may not be ready for a while coming back from his mission and having surgery. It might take some time.”

Criddle: “Utah and BYU were both in the mix for Alan, BYU won out.”

Logan: “You have to make the best decision for your future when you’re picking a school.”

Jonny Harline Interview:

Harline: On defense I have to pick: KVN, Cam Jensen, Bryan Kehl, Ziggy Ansah, David Nixon.”

Criddle: “Now the only difference between you and me is that I had Andrew Rich on there.”

Criddle: “Why did you pick Ziggy on that list? He only played one year then was of course drafted.”

Harline: “Look at how dynamic he was, he was a great athlete and commanded a lot of attention from the offense.”

Harline: “People will attack Coach Mendenhall because they say he didn’t recognize Ziggy’s talent, but it’d be hard with him trying to learn football.”

Harline: “The best to guard me was Bryan Kehl. He was one of the few guys (along with Eric Weddle) that could guard me without just hugging me.”

Harline: “Just a disclaimer to myself, inside my head I don’t think there’s anyone better than me.”

Harline: “John Beck was a better overall QB than Max Hall. Austin Collie was one of the best football players I’d ever seen.”

Harline: “Curtis Brown is a guy that could run the ball, he could even throw it left handed for a TD on the run.”

Harline: “Dennis Pitta is an all-pro player. He’s as good as any TE in the NFL besides Gronkowski.”

Harline: “I need to put myself on there with that fifth spot.”

Harline: “I feel that some of my biggest games came against the best competition.”

Harline: “I see myself as a weapon of mass destruction.”

Criddle: “Jonny should’ve been in the conversation as the best TE in the nation. He didn’t get any love nationally because he was on the mtn.”

Logan: “Andrew is the type of player that not only is he solid, but he’s a coach on the field.”

Jared Lloyd Interview:

Lloyd: “John Beck, Harvey Unga, Austin Collie, Taysom Hill, and Dennis Pitta.”

Lloyd: “The rivalry transcends coaches. You’re either a BYU guy or a Utah guy.”

Lloyd: “Originally both teams would bring ringers like LaVell and Gary and Ronnie and Urban.”

Lloyd: “The last few years they started bringing former players, it was sometime in the last 5 years. Bronco was the one who wanted it to be a casual event.”

Criddle: “Dang it, it is Bronco’s fault isn’t it?”

Lloyd: “I’m not sure what to make of Alan Hamson, he is very tall but he’s not exceptionally coordinated and he has a hard time keeping his ground, but he does have a lot of length.”

Lloyd: “I’m interested to see how he’s grown and if he’s a little more coordinated. He was so lanky that it seemed like his shot wasn’t coordinated at all.”

5:30 Segment:

Logan: Taysom Hill, Jamaal Williams, Tejan Koroma, Mitch Mathews, then like a mix between Algie, Devon, and Nick Kurtz.”

Logan: “I don’t know what Devon is up to, is he at home picking boogers and wiping them on the walls or is he out there doing ladder drills.”

Criddle: “What caused the Memphis ball? It was Tejan Koroma finishing blocks.”

Logan: “If it’s fourth and eight, can I get open, get off my guy and make a 60 yard play to give us a chance?”

Criddle: “Mitch Juergens is a stud, he works his tail off.”

Criddle: “I don’t think Mitch Mathews is a red zone threat, I think that Nick Kurtz is more important in the red zone than anyone else at receiver.”

Criddle: “Will Coach Anae start running the ball more in the blue zone?”

Cougar Insider Report:

Logan: “Kai Nacua, Eric Takenaka, Bronson Kaufusi, Fred Warner, and a cornerback.”

Logan: “I feel like BYU has thrived off of having a force on the outside. The Kyle Van Noy’s and Spencer Hadley’s and Fred fits that mold.”

Logan: “Jordan Preator and Mike Davis have both had good playing time and done some good things but it’s hard to see where they’re going to progress.”

Logan: “You’re MLB is going to have the majority of your tackles. That’s probably one of the most important positions.”

Logan: “If your OLB’s are doing their job, then everything will be funneled back inside so your safeties, LB’s, and NT can make plays.”

Logan: “Don’t get me wrong, Ogletree is a beast, but he is not your typical LB with NFL tangibles.”

Criddle: “I’m going to say Harvey Langi and Tuiloma. That guy is a beast and he will explode in the backfield to disrupt the tempo.”

Criddle: “Micah Hanneman is going to lock down FC and he’s going to tear it up for the team out there.”

Criddle: “Sione is going to be a beast off the edge. Imagine having him and Bronson Kaufusi on the same side.”

Steven Lassan Interview:

Lassan: “When you look at Bronco and Kyle Whittingham they’ve already been established. A perfect example of a rising coach is Matt Wells at USU.”

Lassan: “Utah is ranked 31, the highest out of the trio. BYU is 49 nationally, there is potential, but they have some obstacles to overcome.”

Lassan: “Look at BYU’s first month, that is an extremely tough schedule.”

Lassan: “This schedule is BYU’s chance to make a splash in the national scene.”

Lassan: “After that first month, I think they’re favored in every game except for maybe Mizzou and USU.”

Lassan: “I think it’s tougher to be a coach at a school for 10-15 years then it is to be for a short time.”

Lassan: “If you’re a school like Vandy, the success level of a coach varies.”

Lassan: “You have to look at CFB programs and develop a hierarchy.”

Lassan: “If you have limited resources and win at a high level that goes a long way.”

Lassan: “How does BYU compare to these fringe P5 programs like Washington State and maybe Kansas when it comes to recruiting.”

Lassan: “The health of Taysom Hill is huge, if they can get 3 or 2 wins out of the first month. He’s a top Heisman guy.”

Lassan: “Right now we have Treyvon Boykin and Nick Chubb as two favorites.”

Lassan: “I think that BYU needs to ask Taysom to run less, it might take a while for Jamaal to get going to 100% so they need to have someone else who can run.”

Lassan: “If BYU goes 10-2 they will be ranked high, but it depends on who they lose to and how much they lose by.”

Lassan: “The 3 best conferences are the SEC, Pac 12, and the Big 10.”

Lassan: “I think that BYU best matches up with the Pac 12 and the Big 12.”

Lassan: “If BYU was in the Big 12 they could compete for a bowl game this year.”

Logan: “I feel like this year could be a very special year for BYU if they were to compete with this schedule.”

6:30 Segment:

Logan: “I wish I had my own show where I could just sit there and talk to my conscience.”

Logan: “Dayan didn’t do anything bad but you could tell he didn’t have that media training. He said that Dayan was a better fit for him as a corner.”

Logan: “He already feels like he can play man and shut a guy down at the line of scrimmage, but he needed to work on his zone coverage to prepare to play at the next level.”

Logan: “I think Michael Shelton needs a chance, that guy is so talented.”

Criddle: “I think his problem is the fear of failure.”

Criddle: “If he can put it aside and play the game that he loves, then he’ll just make plays.”

Random Thoughts:

Logan: “How hard is it for a freshman to come in and compete at the D1 level when they aren’t used to having that strategy?”

Logan: “If you bring a JC kid in, he better start right away or else it’s a complete waste.”

Criddle: “I take my vitamins in the morning. I dropped some pills on the ground and they were there for longer than 5 seconds, I think that my immune system is pretty strong so I went ahead and ate them.”

Logan: “If I drop a gusher, I gotta eat it. But if it’s a green bean, that thing is going in the garbage.”

Logan: “You gotta look at where you dropped it. I have a puppy in my house and if the puppy doesn’t roam that area then I go ahead and eat it.”


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