Cougar Cuts and Quotes: June 18th, 2015

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Greg Wrubell Interview:

Wrubell: “For my top 5 offensive players I would pick: Austin Collie, Dennis Pitta, Harvey Unga, Max Hall, and Curtis Brown.”

Wrubell: “The first two I’d pick are with the Lions, Ziggy and KVN, Jan Jorgensen, Brian Logan, and then Cameron Jensen.”

Wrubell: “Andrew Rich.. Oh man, I gotta move him in there.”

Logan: “Greg take me out man, put Andrew in there.”

Wrubell: “It’s hard to pick between Kehl, Nixon, and Cam, they’re all right there.”

Wrubell: “I think that the guys we talked about last time are going to be locks. Granted you now have Alan Hamson coming in and Nate Austin coming back.”

Wrubell: “Emery didn’t shoot it particularly well last week but he still looked good. He just needs to get back in shape.”

Wrubell: “Emery has natural tools and skills that haven’t abandoned him but they just need to be tuned and sharpened.”

Wrubell: “Zac Seljaas, Nick Emery, and KD are three guys who are known to score the ball.”

Wrubell: “You expect guys to step up their scoring from last year.”

Wrubell: “Dave’s philosophy has always been inside-out and I think they’ll go back to that this year.”

Wrubell: “I think that BYU’s future QB’ing eggs are bundled into Tanner. As much as my confidence relates to him and his family and his leadership skills, I don’t know Beau quite yet, I haven’t had a chance to meet him.”

Wrubell: “They aren’t asking him to come in and do what they’ve asked freshman or RM recently. They used to wait about 2 years then start their Jr and Sr year, but now it sounds like he might get 3 years.”

Wrubell: “I don’t think you can compare anyone to Bronco’s job because when you’re in a P5 conference, there are a lot more advantages which BYU doesn’t quite have.”

Wrubell: “You look at BYU’s all-time leading scorer, he’s an RM, so is the leader for career triple-doubles.”

Wrubell: “There are a number of missionaries who have come to BYU and been successful, but there are the same number or more who have failed.”

Nate Austin Interview:

Austin: “I’m going to stick with the sleeves, I used to land on them in HS and they’d swell up and get some fluid in there.”

Austin: “Coach Rose told me to work a few thing, shooting inside and outside, I’ve been focusing on my free throw shooting and working on my rebounding.”

Austin: “I think Corbin Kaufusi is going to be huge this year. He had so much progression over the last year and he’s had a great summer, spending a lot of time in the weight room and the film room.”

Austin: “Kyle Davis is going to be effective, he can shoot well, he can run well.”

Austin: “I’m used to being the guy that alters player’s shots but no it sounds like someone will be altering my shots.”

Austin: “I think that Jamaal is a bigger Keena Young. He’s a big body with huge hands and is an excellent rebounder.”

Austin: “I think that Jamaal Aytes is a player that BYU hasn’t seen since Keena Young was in the program.”

Cougar Insider Report:

Logan: “Yesterday when we were in the ultrasound the picture flashed on the screen and I could tell immediately it was a boy.”

Logan: “The real reason I want another boy is because if Layton is unsuccessful going to play pro, I can correct all of my sons mistakes with my second son.”

Logan: “If you remember in 2010 when Mendenhall took over, the defense came out with these baggy gray undershirts and they were hideous. We used to get clowned all the time.”

Logan: “Coach Mendenhall told us that when we played we all had to wear our nike gear. Coach gets a call one day saying that he needs to start wearing his coaching gear and he said that he’s doing this with his boys. He said that if they didn’t want him to wear it they could go elsewhere.”

News and Notes:

Criddle: “I think that a senior like Nate Austin deserves to go to Spain.”

Criddle: “Harbaugh said that Dennis is going to be sitting out for mini camps.”

Criddle: “Frank Jackson is tearing it up at camps right now.”

How We See It:

Twestion: Would you like to see Talon Shumway on the gridiron and the hardwood for BYU?

Criddle: “Quincy said that it’s probably best for him to focus on football, but what does Talon want to do?”

Criddle: “Talon is a glue guy on the hardwood. Talon Shumway was the best athlete on that Lone Peak team.”

Logan: “Look at Corbin, the way he was able to progress throughout the season he’s going to make an impact in the post.”

Logan: “I don’t think that rebounding is going to be an issue with this years team.”

Mike Bemish Interview:

Bemish: “Even though they had an 18-day training camp, they are 16-days out from playing their first game.”

Bemish: “Austin’s Dad played with Jeff Tedford who is the head coach of the BC Lions.”

Bemish: Jeff Tedford said it doesn’t matter what nationality he is, he’s been one of the better receivers in camp.”

Bemish: “He’s been very interested in doing any media interviews yet.”

Bemish: “He would be a started on the team right now. He’s definitely among the best receivers on the team based off of training camp.”

Bemish: “John Beck only practiced once during training camp because he thought he had the flu. It turned out to be viral hepatitis.”

Bemish: “Beck was looked at to be the back up because Travis Lulay has had a lot of shoulder problems in his career.”

6:00 Segment:

Logan: “Eric Takenaka will be the the defensive MVP of 2015.”

Logan: “I think BYU can come out of September 3-1.”

Criddle: “There are 5 teams on BYU’s schedule on Phil Steele’s top 40.”

Criddle: “BYU could’ve made it happen in the 10th season. Their SOS was 91 and it didn’t happen.”

Logan: “Bronco said that the 2010 team knew how to win and had the talent, but they lacked the talent.”

Logan: “This year, Bronco knows that these guys have the confidence to win every game, but they don’t know how yet.”

6:30 Segment:

Hicken: “I published an article a few weeks back about how I think BYU is going to win at least 10 games this season. I know that sounds crazy, but there are three reasons why.”

Hicken: “The first is Taysom Hill. He has developed a lot as a QB, he led BYU to 4 straight wins last year before he was injured and he can make the big play to finish the game.”

Hicken: “The second reason is Frank Wintrich.”

Hicken: “I’ve had the chance to talk to a few current players who have told me about the workouts with Frank and said that they have brought a new level of excitement and passion for this.”

Hicken: “The third is Bronco Mendenhall.”

Hicken: “There will be adjustments on the defense and they will perform and execute at a higher level.”

Logan: “God looks out for short people. Whatever your weaknesses, he makes strengths.”

Logan: “Takenaka is a guy who is hungry. It’s his last shot to get to D1 when you leave JC and that work ethic will carry over to the next level.”

Logan: “A lot of the offenses line up their receivers to the field side. So you’re field corner and KAT safety may be a little more athletic than the boundary side.”

Logan: “He’s a guy who can get an INT on the 20 yd line then take it back to the 50.”

Logan: “Athletically he’s like Barry Sanders. He can make all the plays you need him to.”

Random Thoughts:

Criddle: “My defensive MVP for 2015 is Fred Warner.”

Criddle: “He came to BYU to fill a roll similar to Kyle. He plays a little more Sam than Will but he’s a stud. You hardly ever see someone get a pick 6 off a bubble screen.”

Criddle: “How many times have we had JP, David Nixon, Bryan Kehl come on here and say that they wish they could free lance like Kyle?”

Logan: “I think he needs one more year to prove himself.”


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