Cougar Cuts and Quotes: June 17th, 2015

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News and Notes:

Criddle: “I think that Jaren Hall would like to emulate his game like Russell Wilson. It’s very similar.”

Teeples: “Having BYU bring in a 7 footer that could help out a lot, even if it is to just defend the rim.”

Teeples: “The injury of Nate Austin might help out because of the timing for him to be here this year.”

Teeples: “I get the feeling that Phil Steele thinks that Taysom won’t make it through the season healthy this year.”

How We See It:

Twestion:  Why should we stop talking BYU and conference expansion until 2017-18?

Teeples: “There’s only one catalyst that will change this and it’s if the Big 12 gets stiffed again and they feel they need a CCG to stay relevant.”

Criddle: “How much do you think the Big East is kicking itself for not taking that TV conract that they had on the table?”

Teeples: “A lot of people want BYU to go back to the Mt. West and that’s ridiculous. Boise gets all of it’s revenue from a special contract with ESPN but BYU’s revenue is better than Boise.”

Teeples: “What do you get from going back to the Mt. West? You’re on ESPN less and you’re playing worse programs. All you get is a CCG.”

4:30 Segment:

Criddle: “Austin Collie is tearing it up in the camp right now.”

Teeples: “Why is Austin not in the NFL? I remember him being on my fantasy team when he was with the Colts and he tore it up.”

Criddle: “He’s been blacklisted in the NFL because of the timing of his concussions. He hasn’t had one in almost 5 years.”

Criddle: “The NFL doesn’t want to give out any guarantees, they know that if he makes it to the first game of the season and gets hurt then the contract is guaranteed.”

Criddle: “Ben Cahoon has some of the best body control out of any player I’ve ever seen.”

Cougar Insider Report:

Criddle: “There’s one difference between Bronco and LaVell. One magical season, and a congenial personality.”

Teeples: “Most schools are going to go 17-19 against those P5 teams.”

Jaren Hall Interview:

Criddle: “Kalin Hall is 3rd right there with his avg yards per carry.”

J. Hall: “I’m doing everything I can to keep myself busy. I workout with Dave Shroshine after I do workouts with my team, then later at night I do 7-on-7 work at the HS.”

J. Hall: “I believe I did believe a scholarship offer after my performance. I put in a ton of work and it has started to pay off.”

K. Hall: “I started coaching Jaren in 2nd grade and I knew that he loved to put the ball in his hands and he could throw it pretty well.”

K. Hall: “Dustin Smith has helped him out in seeing the field before plays and getting his reads.”

Teeples: “How do you help out your son with film? Do you watch it at home with him? How much do you watch?”

K. Hall: “I’ve been a football junkie my whole life, I always wanted to see how an offense can attack a defense. I love to read offenses and defenses.”

K. Hall: “Jaren’s body of work has to come from a personal level. I can help him learn to prepare but he needs to do it himself.”

J. Hall: “I have offers to BYU and Utah. BYU has been my dream school with my Dad playing there and growing up watching them.”

K. Hall: “Looking at Jaren’s situation as a Dad, I know that there are schools out there who are interested in him but it’s hard to get a player away from BYU and Utah if they want to serve a mission.”

K. Hall: “There are no less than 20 schools that are interested in Jaren, but he decided to commit early to BYU.”

J. Hall: “BYU started recruiting me a little bit later but they recruited me better and I felt more comfortable there than any other school.”

J. Hall: “Committing early has helped me as I’ve been able to have film sessions with Coach Beck.”

K. Hall: “Jaren is projected for 2018 and there’s a lot of factors that could go into it, is Bronco still going to be there? Is Coach Beck going to be there? BYU doesn’t typically make changes but it’s college football and you never know what’s going to happen.”

K. Hall: “Nowadays, kids will get 12 offers based off of one offer that a school made. They’ll do it without ever seeing a kid in person.”

K. Hall: “I can name a couple schools that if Jaren wasn’t going on a mission there would be 2-3 schools that would be all over him.”

K. Hall: “You’d have ASU, Arizona, Baylor, Miss St., Washington, Oregon St., Texas A&M coming after him.”

K. Hall: “He throws the 18 yd comeback route hash to hash on a dime. He will be 4.40, 6’1″ and 220 lbs.”

J. Hall: “I need to play much bigger than I am, seeing over the offensive line, releasing high.”

J. Hall: “I need to work on my receivers tendencies and how they’ll run their routes.”

Teeples: “Does the offense you see on the field at BYU have an impact?”

J. Hall: “Absolutely. Look at how Taysom Hill performs in that offense and Taysom Hill will start throwing the ball more in the offense this year.”

J. Hall: “I model my game after Russell Wilson.”

J. Hall: “I’m in doors every night by 9:30.”

J. Hall: “Due to the Payson Temple dedication and Cultural Celebration a lot of our players missed the Ute Shoot.”

Criddle: “I have a cousin who played football in Long Beach but he didn’t want to play football when he moved here. He’s a pretty decently sized guy.”

K. Hall: “The all-poly camp is great, I think it’s more for the physical players like linemen, LB’s, RB’s than it is for the QB’s and WR’s.”

5:30 Segment:

Criddle: “I used to get in trouble going out after 9:30, I’d go down to the local Abco and get the cheapest rolls of TP that I could.”

Criddle: “Me and my mormon group of friends would pull an all nighter with jolt and candy and playing video games.”

Criddle: “They are a BYU family, they are committed.”

Teeples: “He has his priorities in place, he already has mission plans, career plans.”

Criddle: “He’s a 3 sport athlete and he does it very well.”

Teeples: “It’s not like he’s doing it down at Panguitch.”

Jimmy Durkin Interview:

Durkin: “David Fales is with the Chicago Bears fighting for the #3 spot with that team.”

Durkin: “I feel like the coaching change hurt them a little bit on the defensive end.”

Durkin: “Watson only led to a couple drives, he’s a big physical guy and can run players over.”

Durkin: “Potter struggled a bit, he was 5/13 but threw 3 TD’s.”

Durkin: “The west division is open to anyone, Fresno won it last year at 6-6.”

Durkin: “SJSU will have 9 returning starters next year.”

Durkin: “They don’t really return a ton of guys on the defensive line.”

Durkin: “The strength is going to be the secondary. They have a number of returning starters and a transfer from Washington.”

Durkin: “The week before signing day will be tough because there will be some NFL teams using our facilities.”

6:30 Segment:

Criddle: “I’m not saying that Bronco Mendenhall is a better football coach than LaVell, but compare apple to apple and give credit where credit is due.”

Criddle: “LaVell won 2 bowl games from 1972-1982.”

Criddle: “Don’t get bent out of shape when I say that LaVell is a phenomenal coach.”

Random Thoughts:

Criddle: “You can’t be mad at Riley Nelson for wanting to go out there and compete his best.”

Criddle: “James Lark needed to get in there and that’s the coaches fault.”

Criddle: “I think it needs to be brought up before Media Day that Bronco Mendenhall and LaVell Edwards can be compared.”


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