Cougar Cuts and Quotes: July 22nd, 2015

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How We See It:

Twestion: What impact will Jan Jorgensen have on the BYU football program as a GA?

Criddle: “You can go back in the early days of BYU and see that Brian Billick was a GA at BYU before he went to the NFL.”

Criddle: “Andrew George is a guy who came in as a GA and had an impact on the team.”

Criddle: “When Brandon Bradley came in as a GA he helped out with the corner, so we don’t know exactly how that worked out.”

Criddle: “Jan’s biggest impact will be teaching these players how to lead.”

Tom Kirkland Interview:

Kirkland: “The way journalism meanders through the social media world now is amazing.”

Kirkland: “I got word late last night that Jimmer was on to something and it wasn’t playing in the Italian league.”

Kirkland: “He still has a ways to go, he still has to make the roster but he is going to get an opportunity.”

Kirkland: “They have an absolutely loaded roster. They have a plethora of talent.”

Kirkland: “They signed another SG earlier today, but I still think that Jimmer has a great opportunity.”

Kirkland: “Cory Joseph and Marco Belinelli are two guys who need to get replaced and Jimmer can do that.”

Kirkland: “Pop saw first hand on NYE that Jimmer put up 14 points in the second half of a game in SA.”

Kirkland: “Jimmer is already a veteran in the league and he knows how things work.”

Kirkland: “He’ll come in and be a great teammate, but his ticket will be punched if he can shoot it well.”

Kirkland: “They have guys who know how to win and the thing about SA is that their core will come around their best guys.”

Kirkland: “I call myself a Jimmer fan because I think he’s a good guy and goes out and plays hard.”

Cougar Insider Report:

Criddle: “Out of all the coaches in the Big 12, Gary Patterson is the only one against expansion.”

Criddle: “Gary didn’t like BYU when he was in the MWC. Back in 2007 he called out BYU saying that we cheated to slow down their team.”

Matt Brown Interview:

Brown: “As someone who puts content on the internet I’m happy when Jimmer moves around because it always leads to clicks.”

Brown: “If you’re supposed to be a shooter and you go to Chicago and to New Orleans, two teams that desperately need shooting and you sit on the bench, then that raises some eyebrows.”

Brown: “I think this is a good move for Jimmer to go to SA and obviously they see something in him.”

Brown: “If you want to create a narrative that the Kings ruined the NBA for Jimmer then sure, go with that.”

Brown: “I served my mission in Sacramento, I don’t blame anyone for not wanting to be there.”

Brown: “The Spurs are known for getting players that no one wants and making them perform.”

Brown: “If we were to do anything in the NBA, this would be the place to do it.”

Brown: “I’ll be honest, I can’t think of anytime that I talked to a player and they said that a GA had a major impact on them.”

Brown: “I couldn’t even name a single GA at OSU.”

Brown: “The state of Utah is tough to recruit because a whole bunch of other teams are coming in and recruiting the area.”

6:00 Segment:

Harmon: “Riding a golf surfboard is so cool because you get to surf right up to the green. What’s tough is that you don’t get a break to sit around.”

Harmon: “One of the great things about golf is sitting around with your buddies cracking jokes.”

Criddle: “One comment I like from Bill Snyder is that he believes that their should be divisions.”

Criddle: “He said that their conference will have more competition by adding teams.”

Harmon: “I think that teams need to get rid of the conference model that is so egotistical.”

Harmon: “I think what may be better is if they moved towards the model of the NFL where everyone is included and everything is equal.”

Harmon: “Why should one conference have health care while another doesn’t?”

Harmon: “They’ve given up college football to the AD’s and television moguls.”

Harmon: “Charter flights can go right into Provo, it’s a 15 minutes drive to the Marriott, I don’t think travel is an issue like people think.”

Harmon: “ESPN is losing 10% of their subscribers per year.”

6:30 Segment:

Harmon: “It’s tough to go into Nebraska, they are a one-team, one-sport fan.”

Harmon: “There are a lot of factors to look into, home field advantage, and even officials.”

Harmon: “The difference in the last BYU-Utah game was a called holding penalty on an Adam Hine return.”

Criddle: “Don’t you remember when Texas officials came into LES and JD Falslev got his head ripped off in the endzone?”

Harmon: “The only way you take care of it is if you go out there and play hard.”

Harmon: “I think 7 wins would be good this year, 8 would be great.”

Harmon: “I think the last time BYU fans were happy with a season was 1984.”

Harmon: “I think the offense is very good one deep. One of the best in recent memory.”

Harmon: “BYU can’t afford to have guys like Jordan Preator and Kai Nacua getting hurt in the secondary.”



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