Cougar Cuts and Quotes: July 21st, 2015

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News and Notes:

Gurney: “I have been able to go around and talk to some of the local HS coaching staffs in preparation for the upcoming season.”

Gurney: “Zac Stout is coaching linebackers down at Spanish Fork.”

Gurney: “I had a chance to go to Timpanogos and I got a chance to see that Hebron Fangupo is helping out with the DL.”

Gurney: “Brett Kiesel’s cousin will be the starting QB for Spanish Fork this year. He just moved in from California and looks like he’ll be a good talent.”

How We See It:

Twestion: Will Algernon Brown have the most yards from scrimmage out of the backfield? (Rush + Pass)

Gurney: “I say yes, I think there will be an equal number of reps between Jamaal and Algie. The major difference is that Algie catches balls out of the backfield.”

Criddle: “With Algie being injured, Christian didn’t have a lot of chances to dump the ball off out of the backfield.”

Criddle: “To those who complain about Anae’s offense, it’s the QB who makes the reads and decisions.”

Criddle: “I think that the offense needs to have Jamaal and Algie both produce at a high level.”

Criddle: “I talked to someone close to the program and they said that Algie has made the most progression with agility work.”

Criddle: “I’m expecting Algie to have 700 yards rushing and 400-500 receiving.”

Gurney: “We’re not dogging on Jamaal, but it just speaks to how Algie has progressed.”

Gurney: “I’d like to see at least 4 receptions per game out of the running backs.”

4:30 Segment:

Criddle: “I’d love to see a three headed monster in the backfield with Algie, Taysom, and Jamaal. That is some serious firepower.”

Gurney: “I can’t imagine Taysom dumping the ball off to the running back. He’s either gonna take off or throw to Mitch.”

Gurney: “Jamaal has been fantastic, everything you’d hope he’d be, but if I have any tiny criticism it’s catching passes.”

Criddle: “Anae allows Taysom to pick the starters and throw the ball wherever he wants.”

Criddle: “When I have some chump calling me out on twitter for saying Anae is a horrible OC because Stewart came in against USU and threw five hail mary’s in a row.”

Criddle: “You can’t criticize Anae, last years offense was the best since 2001.”

Cougar Insider Report:

Criddle: “I think that Simi Fehoko is the best receiving prospect to come out of the state since Reno Mahe.”

Criddle: “His length, height, and athleticism is phenomenal and it all translates to the field.”

Criddle: “I think it’s a miss for BYU cause it sounds like he was pretty high on them until Stanford came in.”

Gurney: “I think one thing that BYU can do is assure Simi that they are there for him and keep in contact.”

Gurney: “I find it ironic that strong LDS kids with mission plans don’t find BYU as attractive as kids used to be.”

Chris Vannini Interview:

Vannini: “From my understanding, the guy who created the air raid offense wanted to get some athletes from the basketball team to come out and play football.”

Vannini: “You see a lot of new concepts trickle the way up because it’s the way those kids played growing up.”

Vannini: “The colleges did it because they had HS kids coming in that ran that offense and the NFL made the switch because they had college kids coming in.”

Vannini: “When you play 15-20 fewer snaps per game than other teams, you’re going to score less points.”

Vannini: “Over the past 2-3 months we’ve been breaking down all the position coaches in the P5 programs.”

Vannini: “It’s amazing to see the turnover in college football.”

Vannini: “64 head coaches out of 129 head coaches have been hired in the last 3 years.”

Vannini: “If you change, you need to make the right hire. You can’t just change for sake of changing.”

Vannini: “I think that Lane Kiffin has brought a different flare to Alabama. That’s why Amari Cooper was a heisman trophy candidate.”

5:30 Segment:

Criddle: “Eating healthy is more expensive than eating out and it takes waay more time.”

Criddle: “You can look at my highlight video in 06 and 07 and you’d be surprised to see me pressing more than you’d think.”

Criddle: “Rob Daniel played more bump & run coverage than any other player in the last 10 years.”

Criddle: “Look at Bryce McCain, he got beat more than anyone because there are some hard passes to defend when you’re in bump and run.”

Criddle: “The guy that gets picks in man coverage is the safety.”

Charles Abouo Interview:

Abouo: “They tried to talk me into playing football.”

Abouo: “They tried to make it seem like it’s easier then it is. I know the time I put into basketball and it would be tough.”

Abouo: “I played half a season in Egypt last year and I’ve now been back in Utah for about 3 months now.”

Abouo: “I was pleasantly surprised with the experience. I had heard bad stuff but I enjoyed it and the people there treated me very well.”

Abouo: “The league was really interesting. There were some good players, most teams had 2 imports, one American and an African from somewhere besides Egypt.”

Abouo: “It was a good experience for me because I didn’t have that kind of responsibility since HS and it was good for my confidence to have the green light.”

Abouo: “I would say playing in Egypt is more like an HS setting because you’re the communities team.”

Abouo: “It’s an outlet for people to go and see their team.”

Abouo: “After I finished at BYU I played for a team in Spain. Afterwards I went and played for my countries team in the African championships.”

Abouo: “After that I went and played for a team called Quesos Ceratos. They were sponsored by the Cheese Company.”

Abouo: “I had some offers to go back to those teams, but I wanted to see if anything else would open up and I had the opportunity to go to Egypt.”

Abouo: “Defense is a way that you can get the coaches respect and make some big plays.”

Abouo: “When I played at BYU I’d try and get in the RB or the SFH. There are even some cool HS coaches who will do what they can to get you in their gym.”

Abouo: “I remember we went to Greece and Coach Rose said that we never know how anything works. We won our first game by 70 then lost to the national team by 35.”

Abouo: “I think that going out and playing against some European big men will help our bigs in understanding their game.”

Abouo: “I think it’ll be useful for guys like Kyle Davis to learn to play together.”

Abouo: “Corbin is as quick and as athletic I’ve seen for anyone that’s his size. He runs the floor as good as anyone and he’s in great shape.”

Abouo: “He needs to continue to fine tune his game and work on it.”

Abouo: “I think Corbin can be as good as he wants to be. If he works as hard as he does then he’s going to continue to improve.”

Abouo: “Eric Mika is a guy whose super athletic and he’s gonna help out the team when he comes back.”

Abouo: “I saw Greg’s tweet about how Ty played in his time during the first game.”

Abouo: “I think that if you come out and perform in the time your given it speaks to your preparation.”

Abouo: “I think if people see how he played, it will open some opportunities for him.”

Criddle: “I wish BYU had someone like Charles Abouo on the team last year.”

Criddle: “There are few guys who play defense and rebound like he did. He was 6’5″ but played like he was 6’10”.”


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