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News and Notes:

Dickson: “I have people asking me all the time how I think BYU will do against Nebraska, but the problem is I don’t know who will be on the field for BYU.”

Dickson: “Steve Sipple is really highly regarded among Nebraska fans. He’s been flown out to Alumni groups all across the country.”

How We See It:

Twestion: Will Jimmer Fredette be on the San Antonio Spurs roster on opening day?

Shepherd: “I do think that he will be on the roster to start the season. Maybe it’s me being optimistic, but when push comes to shove I think taht Jimmer realizes that this is it for his opportunities in the NBA.”

Shepherd: “You know he’s going to put in the work and he can bring a skill that the Spurs need.”

Shepherd: “The Spurs have guards, but they don’t have anyone who can shoot like we know Jimmer can.”

Dickson: “Jimmer has always been a guy who shoots well off the screen and off the dribble.”

Dickson: “Look at who they have, Manu, Tony Parker, and Patty Mills. Two of those guys are broken down and play limited minutes.”

Dickson: “He didn’t shoot well in New Orleans last year but that’s an anomaly.”

Dickson: “Look at the guys he played with in other teams. They were all out for themselves and their contract.”

Dickson: “Now look at San Antonio. All of those guys realize that they have a role they need to fill and they want to win.”

Shepherd: “These teams need guys who can come in and be a quick spark off the bench.”

Shepherd: “You can’t deny that Jimmer is still a name. He was a trending topic worldwide immediately after it happened.”

Shepherd: “It was such an interesting time and I don’t know if we will see anything like that in the state of Utah again. He was a cultural icon.”

Greg Wrubell Interview:

Wrubell: “You didn’t have to search too far to find a lot of national writers pining in with their opinion on the Jimmer signing.”

Wrubell: “I think part of it has to do with how be performed college.”

Wrubell: “You can search Jimmer any day on twitter and you’ll see someone posting a video from when he played in college.”

Wrubell: “The Spurs have been able to put together pieces that don’t usually fit and make them work.”

Wrubell: “One of the pleasant surprised I’ve seen was Jordan Chatman. He had some injury issues but impressed me.”

Wrubell: “Chase Fischer is more proactive in his game and I think he’ll be more well rounded.”

Wrubell: “I like Zac Seljaas and I think it comes down to him and Jake Toolson in playing the wing.”

Wrubell: “I think that Jake has an advantage because he has a year in the system but they should both contribute.”

Wrubell: “It is funny how much Jakob Hartsock reminds you of Noah. They wear the same number, shoot the same, but I’d say Jakob shoots out further.”

Wrubell: “Corbin has improved a lot since the season ended.”

Wrubell: “Nate’s whole thing is to be ready at the start of the season.”

Wrubell: “The fact that Jamaal is playing 5-on-5 is very encouraging. There was a time that you didn’t know if he’d make it back.”

Wrubell: “Kyle Davis is a guy who is easy to overlook because he’s so solid at what he does. He is so handy around the basket and I really really like his game.”

Wrubell: “I think one thing that reflected poorly on the secondary was the lack of disruption by the front 3.”

Wrubell: “I think that element will return to the BYU defense with Bronson playing defensive line.”

Wrubell: “I think a football only Big 12 addition would make a lot of sense for BYU.”

Wrubell: “There’s enough going for the WCC that BYU doesn’t need to find a better situation long term. It’s a league that usually has 2-3 bids for the NCAA tournament.”

Wrubell: “By the numbers, the WCC is climbing and the MWC is falling.”

5:30 Segment:

Shepherd: “I’m very intrigued to see how Jamaal play in the low post. We know how he plays, we know what he’s supposed to be, but we have yet to see it.”

Shepherd: “He could be very similar to Keena Young. A guy who’s like 6’6″ but so thick and strong in the post.”

Dickson: “Keena was pretty much unstoppable his senior year, I wouldn’t mind getting someone else like that.”

Shepherd: “Another guy is Kyle Davis. I think he gets forgotten a lot because he was on the team last year but had to sit out.”

Dickson: “I talked to Coach Pope and he said that Kyle was their best defender in the low post.”

Steve Sipple Interview:

Sipple: “I don’t know that people are that excited about the jerseys but it sparks a lot of conversation.”

Sipple: “BYU is a good first opponent and people are respectful of BYU and we’ll learn a lot about how the season will go.”

Sipple: “I think there’s some anxiety, but not all of it comes from BYU, but a good amount does.”

Sipple: “Sometimes you hear that fans have a little buyers remorse, but I don’t think anyone wants to really go back to the Big 12.”

Sipple: “There are times that I travel to some of these B1G towns and I long for Austin in November.”

Sipple: “I don’t think there’s any question that BYU should be in a P5 conference.”

Sipple: “I would say the things you look at are: 1. History and Tradition which BYU has. 2. Recent Results which BYU has done well with. 3. And they’re a really good academic institution.”

Sipple: “There’s a good 500 mile radius for Nebraska where they can thrive in Kansas City, Minneapolis, St. Louis, and it goes all the way to Wyoming.”

Sipple: “I wonder all the time if Riley and his assistants realize what they got themselves into.”

Sipple: “I don’t want to act like Lincoln and Nebraska football is different, but it’s definitely one of the most passionate places out there.”

Sipple: “Mike’s been around for a long time and I think he has a good understanding of the football landscape.”

Sipple: “If I was Robert Anae, I would try and find a way to put some heat on Nebraska’s linebackers.”

Sipple: “Nebraska doesn’t have much experience at Linebacker so if the OL can get to the second level it’ll cause trouble.”

Sipple: “There aren’t many teams that have two guys at DT like Nebraska has. Your guards and center are going to get challenged.”

6:30 Segment:

Shepherd: “One thing that gets brought up a ton is that Nebraska doesn’t usually play this caliber of opponent to start the season.”

Dickson: “Armstrong isn’t a guy who can drop back to pass, he runs well and with power but they don’t have a lot of returning offensive weapons.”

Dickson: “They have some good starters coming back at OL and some talent at RB but it’s kind of unproven.”

Shepherd: “He said that he believes BYU needs to attack the linebackers and I’ve seen BYU have success in that area.”

Shepherd: “This is a defense that we don’t know how they’ll perform. Will they be beat over the top?”

Shepherd: “The coaches still talk about Bronson taking reps as a linebacker, but it was evident to me he blossomed when he moved back to DL.”

Shepherd: “I think Bronson is BYU’s best NFL prospect, who do you see being that guy?”

Dickson: “I see Mitch Mathews, he has good speed and size, but I would say that on the defensive side of the line it would be Bronson.”

Shepherd: “I talked to Vic and Bryan Kehl about Bronson and they said that he has great skills to go to the NFL but they said they want to see more nasty out of him.”

Shepherd: “I then talked to Bronson and his Dad a few weeks later and they said something similar that he wanted some added emotion when he was playing.”

Random Thoughts:

Dickson: “One thing that I’m looking towards in fall camp is how much of a difference Frank will have made with explosiveness and footwork.”

Dickson: “I also want to see how the back up QB position works cause they are really green there.”

Dickson: “How do you get enough reps for Taysom to feel comfortable and enough reps for a back up to get some experience.”



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