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Twestion: Are the complaints about the schedule more about the home schedule or the November schedule?

Logan: “If you were to schedule Mizzou, Michigan, or UCLA to come here, it’d be hard. They don’t want to come to Provo.”

Logan: “The other thing that is hard is that teams are in the middle of their conference schedule in November.”

Logan: “Think about when you used to play conference games in November. They all meant something.”

Criddle: “I think the 2015 schedule may be the best since becoming independent.”

Criddle: “Actually, now that I look at 2013, it may be best: Utah, Texas, Georgia Tech, Boise.”

Logan: “When you look at the teams that BYU is plying, these are teams that are in the P5 discussion.”

Bryan Kehl Interview:

Kehl: “I keep getting distracted from work.”

Kehl: “I just love to argue, even if it’s just meaningless and worthless I will argue.”

Kehl: “I had the opportunity to talk to Simi for like 20 minutes and I didn’t recruit him but I told him to go where feels right for him, but then told him what is special about BYU and what it offers.”

Kehl: “I told him that he can be around people with ideals and get a fantastic education.”

Kehl: “Brighton has put a lot of guys in the NFL, and all of those guys have gone through BYU.”

Kehl: “The NFL likes younger guys. Just simply being older makes a difference.”

Kehl: “I’d be interested to see over the last 20 years to see the number of RM’s these two teams have had drafted.”

Kehl: “I didn’t say they could or couldn’t. I was just asking the question.”

Criddle: “Right, you just pose the question. It’s about what you do or don’t want to do.”

Kehl: “I’m sick of hearing the narrative that Bronco doesn’t develop guys for the NFL.”

Kehl: “I’m also sick of people saying that Utah is better at placing people in the NFL.”

Kehl: “You can’t just compare how many guys are in the NFL from each team, it’s not an equal comparison.”

Kehl: “Apparently you can’t point out simple truths without being attacked.”

Kehl: “Ben Criddle recently published an article and had completely plagiarized it.”

Dustin Johnson Interview:

Johnson: “I was drafted in ’97 to the Jets.”

Johnson: “I feel like there’s less of an emphasis on the power run game so there’s less of a need for fullbacks.”

Johnson: “Most guys who play fullback are kind of a hybrid with a TE.”

Johnson: “I ended up playing some TE my senior year at BYU and New York tried to do the same thing with me.”

Johnson: “I ended up having like 20-30 catches and having 400+ yds rushing so I could be considered a dual threat.”

Johnson: “If you have two TE’s who can help with run blocking as well as catching some balls, it can make a difference in keeping defense’s honest.”

Johnson: “I spent all my summers here working with QB’s and I feel like I developed pretty good hands.”

Johnson: “In order to pass-pro you need to be able to move your feet fast and be strong so you don’t get bullrushed.”

Johnson: “I feel like you don’t have anything to play for as soon as you lose a game because you already know what bowl game you’re going to.”

Johnson: “I trained Ziggy and he was a phenomenal athlete.”

Johnson: “I think that BYU is still getting just as good athletes as they did in LaVell’s day.”

Johnson: “The NFL is looking for guys who are fast and physical.”

Johnson: “I used to call Ziggy cheetah because he was explosive but would tire out really fast.”

Johnson: “My nickname in college was the moose. I was hiking Timp last week and went to watch the sunset. I got separated from my group and I started jogging down the mountain to see how fast I could get down and I came around a corner and saw a moose. It stood there and was looking at me and then spread its leg and lowered its head. I grabbed a rock and threw it at it and hit it in the leg and it started charging at me.”

5:30 Segment:

Logan: “Every black family teaches that when you’re in a life or death situation you don’t have to be the fastest, you just can’t be the slowest.”

Logan: “Here’s the difference between a black person and a white person. If there’s some commotion, a black person drops everything and takes off without asking questions. A white person walks toward the commotion and starts asking what’s going on.”

Logan: “I was at an Owlz baseball and it was dark and Alani was walking a little in front of me and he turned around was like, ‘I can’t see you.'”

Criddle: “T Bell’s Dad used to go and play pranks on him and he came around the corner and was like, ‘Dad what’re you doing?’ and his Dad says, ‘How did you see me?'”

Nate Soelberg Interview:

Criddle: “Nate probably would’ve outran the moose.”

Soelberg: “When I used to work out, we would run on the woodwork machine and they’d make us run as fast as we can.”

Logan: “When I was there they did it for punishment.”

Soelberg: “Yeah every single DB except for me got injured on that.”

Soelberg: “I helped out Nate Orchard with some footworks and starts in order to get ready for Pro Day.”

Soelberg: “I even trained Brian Logan back in the day.”

Logan: “I remember how flexible I felt after training with Nate. When I was at BYU I felt more stiff and bulky.”

Logan: “I felt that I was able to gain an additional ten pounds more because of that flexibility.”

Soelberg: “I feel like BYU and some other colleges are doing a better job in helping their players prepare for pro day.”

Criddle: “I think the only time I did that during college was when I was helping Zac Collie out after he graduated.”

Soelberg: “I was helping out a kid named Johnny Christensen from Lone Peak and he’s ranked 28th in the nation with SPARQ score.”

Criddle: “I think Jackson McChesney is 11th, and Simi Fehoko from Brighton is 7th.”

Logan: “I hate seeing kids who have great numbers, but it doesn’t translate to the field.”

Logan: “You see it both ways, some kids are phenoms on the field but only run a 4.8, othertimes kids run a 4.4 but struggle on the field.”

Soelberg: “What I do is try to knock down times in anyway I can, but players do need to have film as well.”

Soelberg: “Even if they aren’t happy with the 4.7 40, it’s better than a 4.9 40.”

Soelberg: “I get so much joy seeing kids shave off tenths after months of hard work.”

Criddle: “Think about if Fred Warner had gone and missed that INT against Boise State he would’ve been yanked so fast.”

Soelberg: “Yeah there’s something with being on defense and taking calculated risks.”

Soelberg: “That happened to me against New Mexico where I read a play and I ran straight at the receiver to make the play and if it was a fake, I would’ve been in trouble.”

Criddle: “I remember when Harvey Jackson was at BYU and I had never seen anyone babied more in my life.”

Criddle: “He literally had a coach holding his hand walking him through everything.”



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