Cougar Cuts and Quotes: July 16th, 2015

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News and Notes:

Criddle: “In order to be an OL that gets drafted you need to be a bad mo truckuh.”

Criddle: “We are talking to Craig Cusick and we are going to get a breakdown of the upcoming Spain trip.”

Scott Young Interview:

Young: “I’m kind of an entrepreneur right now. I have an online web marketing company.”

Young: “We have about 40 employees total and it’s different. A lot different than ramming your head into people for a living.”

Young: “I’ve seen some very talented offensive players who I would assume would be drafted in the mid to late rounds.”

Young: “I think that BYU players are held in a different spectrum than any other University out there.”

Young: “I think that Ryker Mathews is a guy that could get drafted.”

Young: “One guy that I played with that I’m surprised about was Jake Kuresa.”

Young: “I hate looking at the stats for guys that are coming from colleges and BYU not being on that list.”

Young: “I think some of it comes down to a level of competition. My senior year we played 4 teams that went undefeated: Utah, Boise, Stanford.”

Young: “You can’t argue that anyone I played with didn’t go up against some great competition.”

Young: “There were chunks of my life where I didn’t do anything but football. I was so worried about being as fast and as big as I needed to be.”

Young: “I came into BYU and I was watching Ben Archibald and the Kehl brothers.”

Young: “I can’t tell you what is the difference between those guys and some current players.”

Young: “I was never a guy who had to flip the switch, it just happened to me. If anything I had to set it back.”

Craig Cusick Interview:

Cusick: “I’m not in quite the shape that I want to be right now.”

Cusick: “Going to Spain was a great opportunity for me.”

Cusick: “I was a walk-on at the time and it’s something I’ll never forget.”

Cusick: “I think that Jamaal is very similar to Keena Young. He’ll be an impact player this year.”

Cusick: “Look at what Kyle Davis did when he was on Utah State. He tore it up. He’s going to be a difference maker.”

Gurney: “My guy this year is Jake Toolson. I think now that he has a year under his belt he’ll be able to make a difference.”

Gurney: “I like Seljaas but I think the difference that he’ll be making will be on the defensive end. There are a number of guys who can play the wing on offense.”

Cougar Insider Report:

Gurney: “I had the opportunity to see Drew Jensen play one game against AF last year and Brighton was absolutely STACKED.”

Gurney: “Drew Jensen was a guy who was running the ball, throwing the ball, catching the ball, making plays on defense, returning kicks.”

Gurney: “I think that Drew will play Safety but he could play Slot Receiver or easily play Boundary Corner.”

Gurney: “It sounds like Drew is pretty tight with both Simi Fehoko and Sione Heimuli-Lund.”

Gurney: “I imagine that BYU has a pretty good chance to get a commitment from Simi Fehoko this weekend.”

How We See It:

Twestion: How is the Texas game the worst thing that could’ve happened to BYU last year?

Criddle: “Texas is one of the most visible programs in the nation. They had the second most revenue out of anyone last year.”

Criddle: “Taysom barreled over a freaking defensive linemen and a linebacker last year and proved he was superman.”

Criddle: “He was very conservative against UConn, he was sliding, going out of bounds.”

Criddle: “Dominating people like that makes him think that he is invincible.”

Criddle: “How excited did we get when he jumped up over a defender against USU? We were ecstatic but he’s not invincible!”

Criddle: “You think that you can stiff arm a 6’3″ 210 lb safety, which you do but then he swings down and hits an exposed part of your body.”

Gurney: “The only thing that he can do differently is going out of bounds, but I think that’s against his nature.”

5:30 Segment:

Criddle: “Show me where it is written that you cannot stand up and cheer for your team during the game?”

Mauss: “Should those who stand up hand a doctors note over to the fans that tell them to sit down?”

Steven Jones Interview:

Jones: “I think that this Josh Rosen kid is one of the best quarterbacks when it comes to fundamentals since Troy Aikman.”

Jones: “I think Rosen is good enough to come in and make a difference on the team this year as a freshman.”

Jones: “This offense won’t require a dual-threat QB. You just need a guy who can pass the ball and hand it off.”

Jones: “I don’t think any locker room divide will matter because Jim Mora will put the best player on the field.”

Jones: “Jim Mora will do what is going to be best for the team and win games.”

Jones: “I think this will be one of the best teams that Mora has ever had.”

Jones: “UCLA has 18 returning starters.”

Jones: “They have two studs at tackle, their center is a 5 year started, Myles Jack is now playing MLB and they probably have the best NT in the nation.”

Jones: “I played against BYU as a player and they are a very storied program.”

Jones: “I think we all need to be wary of P Diddy, he’s swinging barbells at guys.”

Jones: “He needs to be more concerned about making records rather than being in the weight room.”

Jones: “Snoops kid is definitely better. He was expected to go to USC so it was a nice pick up for UCLA.”

Jones: “Jim Mora is football 24/7. UCLA football has discipline and he’s very organized.”

Jones: “Jim has a bit of his father in him. Sometimes you’re like, ‘Oh man, get a straight jacket on him.'”

Jones: “I played against BYU back in ’85 and that was the loudest stadium I ever played in and I played at Washington and Georgia.”

Jones: “When you play at the Rose Bowl it’s a fast track and you can hear your cleats pop in the grass.”

Jones: “When you think about New Years Day you think about the Rose Bowl.”

Jones: “The Rose Bowl has been renovated with luxury boxes and the locker rooms are the size of arena football fields.”

Jones: “Jim Mora is a guy that will do anything it takes to win. He will surround himself with coaches who could end up being better than him.”

Jones: “Jim has a great relationship with his players and said he gets a text from each one every day.”



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