Cougar Cuts and Quotes: July 14th, 2015

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News and Notes:

Criddle: “Phrase of the day is ‘Don’t skip Leg Day.'”

Logan: “I’m very competitive with my wife. We’ll be coloring in my sons coloring book and I’ll call her out and say that I have better drawings.”

Criddle: “I almost lose my credibility every day, but I don’t get why these national pubs don’t get called out for spreading lies.”

How We See It:

Twestion: Who is the underrated difference maker on the BYU football team this season?

Logan: “I want to go to the offensive side and go with Algie Brown.”

Logan: “We don’t know where Jamaal is in his recovery. We hear great stories about his hard work and putting out the sweat and blood. But you don’t know if he’s going to be the same Jamaal, if he’ll be behind a step or what.”

Logan: “With Taysom throwing the ball away more, it’s likely that Algie will have to step up to rotate with Jamaal.”

Logan: “You look at what Algie did last year, he’s another safety net for Taysom to go to when he’s feeling pressure.”

Logan: “When you are someone who has the eye of the tiger and you see our career flash before your eyes, you come back bigger, faster, stronger.”

Logan: “I feel like one thing that Jamaal has to improve is his long speed.”

Criddle: “My guy is Travis Tuiloma. He’s 6’2″ 285 lbs and the NT is one of the most important positions in Bronco’s defense.”

4:30 Segment:

Logan: “The only thing a coach can ask for is a guy with experience in the 2-deep. That makes a huge difference in the success of an OL.”

Logan: “Tejan was a really nice surprise. I think that having guys coming back will provide motivation to protect Taysom so he doesn’t get injured this year.'”

Greg Wrubell Interview:

Wrubell: “I need to get educated on what a troll really is.”

Wrubell: “The consensus is that this will be the last Rush tour. They’re all in their early 60’s right now, but you couldn’t tell last night.”

Wrubell: “Nick’s injury is a pretty significant soft tissue injury. I don’t know how long it’ll take before he feels like he’s back to full speed.”

Wrubell: “What’s unfortunate was that he was turning a corner and starting to feel a lot better about his game.”

Wrubell: “This injury might take those projections for him to be a contributor down a notch.”

Wrubell: “Jamaal is playing some pick up. At this point I think you send him. A month or two ago I thought he was an outside shot but it’s been positive and I think he has a good chance to go to Spain.”

Wrubell: “I expect Zac Seljaas and Jake Toolson to be two guys to compete for that last spot for Spain.”

Wrubell: “This first month of football is one of the most compelling that BYU has ever had.”

Wrubell: “I like the Algie Brown pick.”


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