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News and Notes:

Dickson: “Shaq had to come around the corner in 3rd place and really book it.”

Dickson: “I remember when Frank’s recruiting took off and he said that he was going to go on a mission. Now, it sounds like he’s not.”

Criddle: “With kids, 90% of the time they aren’t making the decision, they have a family member who are heavily influencing him.”

How We See It:

Twestion: In 2013, UH played Blake Bortles, Teddy Bridgewater, and Taysom Hill. UH’s DB coach says that Taysom was the best QB. How accurate is that?

Dickson: “My first NBA experience was covering the Spurs and they were all getting undressed while we interviewed them.”

Dickson: “You know you can’t just let Taysom throw because he threw for 400+ the first year they played. He also can’t Taysom run because he’ll take off.”

Criddle: “They can’t cover a guy like Skylar Ridley because BYU is being led by Taysom Hill who has NFL talent.”

Jimmy Rex Real Estate Top 3 Stories:

This Week’s Top 3 Properties

Rex: “Number one is a new listing, $311,000 built in 2003 on a half acre. It’ll be going really soon.”

Rex: “Utah’s market is one of the healthiest in the nation. Anyone who’s bought a home in the last 5-6 years realizes it was a great investment and is ready to move onto something bigger.”

Criddle: “I think these comments from Houston’s DB coach are a big deal, bigger than what people are making it out to be.”

Dickson: “If he has a big time year throwing and running and he stays healthy, he could go pretty high.”

Dickson: “I think that he will be drafted, it’s just a matter of where.”

Dickson: “I think that Scouts hold him at a higher level because of his age.”

Rex: “He’s not in anyone’s top 12 QB’s but with the way he plays, he’s better than a lot of college QB’s.”

Rex: “You saw what happened when he got hurt, it went from can’t miss TV to not even wanting to watch it.”

Criddle: “Not speaking against Christian Stewart cause he was pretty talented. He picked apart Memphis.”

Rex: “I think that Taysom beats Memphis by 2 TD’s. I know that might seem farfetched but talking to players on the team, they died inside when Taysom went down.”

Rex: “Number two is a bank owned property which is a fixer upper and is $175,000 on a half acre of property.”

Criddle: “Haws played on Friday and was on fire! He had 12 points with 12 minutes.”

Rex: “One thing that everyone knows about Tyler is that he can score. I think in the right situation he could come out and help a team.”

Dickson: “Coaches want to see a guy who can come in and be confident and show that they can be efficient.”

Rex: “Number three is a bank owned property in Stansbury Park on Country Club drive so you know it’s nice. It’s on for $201,000 and sold 5 years ago for $213,000.”

Criddle: “Collie continues to build a relationship with Lulay. He had a team high in receiving yards and he continues to make route running look easy.”

Criddle: “He can fool you into biting just with a dip of the hip or with his feet.”

Criddle: “It’s good to see a master of his craft go and make people look silly out there.”

Rex: “I hope someone gives him an opportunity to go out there and show that he can go back to the NFL.”

Dickson: “I remember one of Austin’s first practices, the coaches stopped practice and had him show all the WR’s how to run a post-corner.”

Rex: “I do have a personal beef with Christian Stewart because after BYU started 4-0 I made a bet with a friend of mine that they wouldn’t lose 4 or more games for the rest of the season. I was sitting pretty and they ended up losing 4 straight and I had to spend $2,800 on National Championship tickets.”

Cougar Insider Report:

Criddle: “All the coaches who say Christian at the respective pro days kept asking him if he wasn’t sure he didn’t want to go out? The only reason he got a chance was because Superman found his Kryptonite in Brian Suite.”

Criddle: “I found put Christian in a similar attitude as a guy like John Beck. Calm, cool, collected.”

Criddle: “If you remember, John Beck ran like a 4.65 40.”

Criddle: “Apparently Wayne Kirby’s father’s dying wish was for Wayne to attend BYU and he ended up committing to BYU.”

Criddle: “The other day, Bryan Kehl tweeted out all the former Brighton Bengals who went to BYU and made the NFL.”

Wayne Norman Interview:

Norman: “The last time I played that course I hit par on 6 holes. You don’t want me playing in your foursome.”

Norman: “I would say that getting to bowl eligibility is a huge leap forward. They don’t only play BYU but they also play Mizzou and then their conference slate.”

Norman: “If the offensive line can hold up then they can be successful. The problem has been that they can’t open holes for their RB and protect the QB.”

Norman: “If you remember last year, Casey Cochran was knocked out against BYU and he decided to retire after that.”

Norman: “I think that Bryant Shirreffs could compete for the starting job.”

Norman: “BYU had 150 penalty yards against UConn and they had that game won handily.”

Norman: “Ever since BYU came to FBS, that was the most penalties any team has had.”

Criddle: “I wouldn’t say that any coach has said they were dirty, but on paper with all their penalties it might look like that.”

Norman: “UConn has 10 of their 11 tacklers back. They lost 2 starters on the DL and one defensive back who was a first round pick.”

Norman: “Bob Diaco is a defensive minded coach and I think it’ll make a difference.”

Norman: “From 2005-2010 UConn had some damn good running backs. A lot of that is helped by the OL which has been weak over the last 4 years.”

Norman: “Anderson is a player who’s seen more live games than any other QB coming from JC so he has as much opportunity to stop.”

Norman: “I think that BYU will definitely win one game and that’s in October. Let me tell you, if UConn was playing that schedule they’d be winless.”

Norman: “BYU has a QB who can put the team on its back, good skill players, and good defensive players. I think BYU can win most of those games.”

Norman: “BYU plays at a level above every team in the American Conference.”

5:30 Segment:

Dickson: “BYU needs to be able to get some pressure on the QB because everyone they played looked like Jonny Unitas.”

Criddle: “Hill is considered as good of a QB as Teddy Bridgewater and Blake Bortles. He can be a top 10 draft pick, a first round pick.”

Dickson: “If BYU fans think that Taysom is the greatest QB ever and says something about him, they feel like their opinion is validated.”

Dick Harmon Segment:

Harmon: “It’s the toughest being a journalist now covering BYU than it was even 5 years ago.”

Harmon: “They used to just have 5 people to having about 30-35 every day at practice.”

Harmon: “You used to be able to just go walk up to anyone after practice. Now, you have to make a request and it’s about 60% of the time that they show up.”

Criddle: “You once told me you asked Jim McMahon to show up to the old KOVO station and he did. I doubt you could get Taysom to show up now.”

Harmon: “So many people request interviews from Tom Holmoe that they do these summits now.”

Harmon: “It’s funny that they treat us that way, but when they want us to do something they expect us to drop everything.”

Harmon: “It feels like it’s a one way street rather than two ways.”

Dickson: “Everything’s different now with twitter where you could have an exclusive but someone already released it on twitter.”

Criddle: “There was a time I showed up last to the circle and Bronco made fun of me.”

Harmon: “The same thing happened to me when my daughter from Houston called and I had to turn my phone off.”

Harmon: “What does BYU do about former players who are now in the media and want access to practice?”

Harmon: “BYU football is the hottest ticket in the state. I heard that there were 30-35 media requests just from bloggers and media websites.”

Criddle: “I think that BYU football may be the biggest ticket, but basketball is on the higher trajectory.”

6:30 Segment:

Criddle: “Imagine Haws bringing the ball up with his size. I think that it could help him out in his career.”

Dickson: “Davies is a legitimate big man in the NBA and I’m hoping that he can stick around.”

Dickson: “I saw him get the ball in his hands and he was pretty athletic.”


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