BYU recruit Motekiai Langi beats fellow missionaries in a foot race

BYU recruit Mo Langi crushes his fellow missionaries in a foot race, did we mention he is 6-foot-7 and weighs over 400 pounds?

Want see a 400-pound large man run a 40-yard dash and do quite well? Then today is your day as BYU commit, and current missionary in Arizona, Motekiai Taukolo Langi had a foot race against his much smaller companions, and won.

Don’t feel too bad as Langi can probably out run most everyone who reads this post, and in his missionary attire. Imagine how fast he can run not wearing slacks and dress shoes, but instead in actual football gear.

Langi is still on his mission for another year in Arizona, and will then join the BYU football program as either an offensive or defensive lineman.

The hype is huge for him as he has never played organized football, and not so sure this video counts as that.

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