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News and Notes:

Logan: “I went down to Provo with Scott the Punter to watch the Stadium of Fire.”

Logan: “I was the only black person in the vicinity when I was watching fireworks.”

Criddle: “I spent too much money on fireworks. It was like a Jimmy Rex customer appreciation event, but just for our neighborhood.”

Criddle: “We tried to compete with his fireworks show, but we didn’t have as many people show up.”

Criddle: “Jan Jorgensen won his fight this past weekend with a split decision and has moved to 8-1.”

Criddle: “BYU signee Charles West was shot in the arm this weekend. He is okay but it’s a scary situation.”

Criddle: “Coach Holliday was very vocal about getting kids like that here to BYU to help them out.”

Criddle: “Dustin Rykert and Reno Mahe came on our airwaves and said that they were saved by coming to BYU.”

Criddle: “Brandon Davies played 20 minutes for the Orlando Magic and got 7 points and 5 rebounds as well as 1 assist, 1 block, and 1 steal.”

Logan: “When you get married at BYU Coach Mendenhall will come and sit you and your wife down so he can see if she’s worthy.”

How We See It:

Twestion: Who had the better CFL performance this weekend? Austin Collie or Cody Hoffman?

Criddle: “Collie scored his first touchdown since January of 2012.”

Logan: “When you look at how they did on paper, Austin had the better game, just based off of stats.”

Logan: “I’d like to see the defense and who was guarding them, sometimes you’re up against boo boo DB’s.”

Criddle: “I’m going to give it to Cody Hoffman because he went and did this against the Calgary Stampeders.”

Criddle: “If Austin went out and did this you think, ‘Oh maybe his knee is still bothering him, maybe his new helmet is too heavy.'”

Jimmy Rex Top 3 Stories:

Rex: “Number one property is in South Jordan, it’s bank owned, 2,500 sqft and $235,000.”

Criddle: “The first story is about Charles West getting shot in the arm.”

Criddle: “It sounds like Charles is going to be dropped of all charges for his incident back in February.”

Criddle: “According to Guy Holliday, it is better to go for the one who has gone astray, than to stay with the 99 who could be great.”

Logan: “In order for these kids to have success here, they need to be grounded in something, I would suggest a belief system of some sort, it could be Christian, LDS, a military background, you need to have values and morals.”

Logan: “If a kid doesn’t have a great background or a strong family, it may not be the person you want.”

Logan: “The first situation what I heard, I agree with Coach Holliday, nobodies perfect. But, when things continue to happen like this, you may want to take a second look.”

Rex: “I really hope we continue to recruit player like Charles West. The problem is that clearly his background isn’t like Provo.”

Rex: “I really hope that Charles knows what BYU is, what he was charged with is some serious stuff and he needs to know what he is doing.”

Rex: “O’Neill came from an environment where is 4 best friends were murdered by the time he finished college.”

Rex: “It’s not that they’re black, but they come from different areas and they get shell shocked.”

Rex: “This house is a duplex in West Jordan. It is a great investment property if you’re looking to hold something long time.”

Criddle: “Andrew George could’ve had an opportunity to be great but he came out in the 2010 draft class which was loaded for tight ends.”

Rex: “The third property is in Herriman, it’s a bank owned property built in 2005. It’s about 3,700 sqft for $375,000.”

Criddle: “Austin Collie has an opportunity to do great things and open up some eyes in the NFL if he can continue to perform.”

Cougar Insider Report:

Criddle: “BYU was 9th in attendance this year for College Basketball.”

Criddle: “BYU basketball isn’t the big money maker, but it’s still a tremendous program.”

Criddle: “I would say that BYU basketball has a better opportunity to be successful because of the Marriott Center Annex.”

5:00 Segment:

Logan: “Jamaal is the best example I’ve seen as a double minority being successful in Provo because he embraced it.”

Logan: “Jamaal said that he realized that he had nothing but love for this community and this fan base.”

Logan: “Corby Eason and I are guys who had great experiences at BYU and we are still here in Utah, Corby was even baptized.”

Logan: “I was a star when I was in Utah. People would look at me and be all like, ‘Oh what sport do you play?'”

Logan: “I feel like members of the Church go out of the way to try and make you feel comfortable as a member of the church.”

Logan: “I think you literally have to try to have a bad time while you’re here at BYU.”

Criddle: “Now my question is do you think that people think they can do whatever they want because of the celebrity status that they have?

Logan: “It’s not something like, ‘Oh I can party and get away with it.’ It’s more like, ‘I can cheat on this test and get away with it.’ That’s not a bad kid, you can fix that character.”

Logan: “When I was 16 years old, I got kicked out of my house and I had to go and live with my Grandma.”

Logan: “My Mom had shotguns pointed at her when she was pregnant with me.”

Criddle: “I have a dream where the football program will build a complex by the practice field with a dorm, a restaurant, study hall, everything that they need.”

Jan Jorgensen Interview:

Jorgensen: “The thing I’m happiest about was that I got the win. It wasn’t as exciting as I would’ve liked because it was a fight for control and position.”

Criddle: “I love what you did with your kicks, I didn’t realize how long your legs were. You were able to get a lot of kicks up to his ribs.”

Jorgensen: “I tell people you can punch me in the head all you want, but it doesn’t hurt. But getting hit in the body does hurt really bad.”

Jorgensen: “I’ve gotten to the point where I’m now comfortable enough in the cage to try to use all my tools.”

Jorgensen: “JR was 7-1 heading into Friday and the reason was that he was able to physically manhandle people.”

Jorgensen: “I wish I would’ve been able to get him out in the open a little bit, but I’m glad I was able to beat him at his own game.”

Jorgensen: “There aren’t many heavyweights out there who are 8-1 and aren’t in UFC but I think that if I were to get another win in RFA then I could get that call.”

Jorgensen: “I have one more fight on my RFA contract. The biggest thing for me was getting back in the cage, it had been a whole calendar year since I had a fight.”

Jorgensen: “I had to lose a lot of my big, bulky, explosive muscle and develop it into sustained muscle.”

Jorgensen: “I had to try and lean out so I could fight for a 15 minute period like I could run a marathon.”

Jorgensen: “There is nothing harder in all of sports than to wrestle another human being.”

Logan: “Is wrestling harder than Coach Mendenhall’s Cougar Challenge?”

Jorgensen: “I’ll be honest, I never did it.”

Logan: “I didn’t do it either!”

Jorgensen: “JR liked to switch up his stances and mix it up.”

Steven Godfrey Interview:

Godfrey: “I think with Tommy’s resume and experience he can make claims like that so he can try and make a move.”

Godfrey: “I don’t think he’s fond of the Big 12. He encountered some things at Texas Tech that made him realize he wasn’t okay with how football had become at Texas.”

Godfrey: “He was one of the voices who was outspoken against the Longhorn Network saying that it was bad for the conference.”

Godfrey: “As long as Tommy continues to win, I don’t think that his stance will change.”

Godfrey: “Histories and competitiveness is irrelevant. The Big 10 is the richest conference because of the tv markets they have.”

Godfrey: “The Big 12 would need someone to pair with the Mountaineers and that would lean more toward Cincinnati than BYU.”

Godfrey: “In contrast, BYU is a national brand and they bring numbers.”

Godfrey: “BYU has it’s own issues that it has to get solved.”

Godfrey: “Everyone’s response this summer has been heavyweight scheduling to build your tourney resume.”

Godfrey: “If the Big 12 feels that they continue to be left out then they will do what they can to expand.”

Godfrey: “It’s more important to play those tough teams than it is to schedule weak and go undefeated.”

Godfrey: “I don’t know if Baylor could get much better than they already have it, they have a coach who was reported to have turned down Texas.”

Godfrey: “You now have to be concerned about regional bias and like Art Bryles said that a whole region of the country wasn’t represented.”

Godfrey: “BYU needs to stay prominent by scheduling smart.”

Godfrey: “I think that Tommy saying that the Big 12 would disappear is kind of an overstatement.”

Godfrey: “A game Washington does not want to play is that game in Boise this year where Chris Peterson will be returning.”

Godfrey: “Boise used that Ole Miss loss as a way to toughen up.”

Brian Towle Interview:

Towle: “Nebraska fans were turned away from Bo Pelini from him telling them to kiss his butt.”

Towle: “Mike Riley is a breath of fresh air to come from a lower budget program and see how he’s handling coming to a big time program like Nebraska.”

Towle: “The entire staff has done the best they can to win over the fan base.”

Towle: “There are still people who are mad about Bo being fired and they’re voices will get louder as Mike takes his lumps.”

Towle: “One of the better games that Nebraska had last year was against Michigan State where they almost came back and won it.”

Towle: “Nebraska was able to beat the teams they were supposed to, but weren’t competitive with the teams equal to or better than them.”

Towle: “I think that Mike needs to win more than 9 wins because that is right where Bo hovered.”

Towle: “Short term it needs to be 9-10 win seasons and in 3-4 years winning Big 10 titles.”

Towle: “Linebacker is going to be very thin. They really struggled there in the spring.”

Towle: “The strongest part of the defense is the defensive line. They have to replace Randy Gregory but they still have lots of depth and experience there.”

Random Thoughts:

Criddle: “I’ve been watching a show called Game of Thrones and there’s this thing called milk of the poppy and they offer it to people and they’re like no I don’t want that.”

Criddle: “I’m not sure if I’m going to continue with it because it’s not appealing to my inner nerd, but we’ll see.”


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