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How We See It:

Twestion: Even though Bronco has won 70% of his games, what is your biggest criticism of his coaching career?

Gurney: “Bronco’s biggest criticism is that he let Utah have more success than him.”

Criddle: “In the last four seasons, you’ve lost to Bronco twice and that’s an issue.”

Criddle: “I give Bronco some slack because he’s competing against better Utah teams.”

Criddle: “If you compare the first 9 seasons that Bronco and the first 9 seasons LaVell played Utah, it’s two completely different teams.”

Criddle: “From 71-80 Utah won 39.6% of their games.”

Criddle: “Since 1990, Ronnie Mac happened for the Utes and it’s a completely different story.”

Gurney: “I remember going to old Rice Stadium and it was a joke. They had wooden bleachers and the worst astroturf. It was a horrible atmosphere.”

Gurney: “I think that the perception that Bronco has given out is wrong in a few instances.”

Gurney: “If you ask him a good question, he’ll give you a great answer.”

Gurney: “Sometimes he says stuff that upsets the fan base like saying that Holly didn’t talk to him for 3 weeks for not taking another job.”

Criddle: “The NFL was 70% white when LaVell started, but now it’s 28% white. BYU is historically 70% white.”

Gurney: “BYU should put OL every year in the NFL. They have struggled with that in recent years.”

4:30 Segment:

Criddle: “Do you want to take the uncalculated risk to find an unproven coach?”

Criddle: “If you were able to go to an NY6 bowl with all the restrictions you have, would that be similar to LaVell’s one magical season?”

Cougar Insider Report:

Gurney: “I talked to Frank and Gavin’s AAU coach and he said that Gavin is a better all-around athlete than Frank.”

Gurney: “What he has going for him is wingspan.”

Criddle: “He is 6’7″ and can go on the perimeter to block shots.”

Gurney: “And he could still be growing.”

Gurney: “His coach thinks he could have as good of a career as Frank.”

Darnell Dickson Interview:

Dickson: “I think the fanbase would be happier if BYU performed up to his expectations.”

Dickson: “He’s had all these grand expectations and they have underperformed.”

Dickson: “I think he has this job as long as he wants to stay here.”

Dickson: “If he were to go to a NY6 bowl, a lot of the heat would come off.”

Dickson: “People will always find something to complain about.”

Gurney: “How hard do you think it will be for Mangum to perform to a level where he’s game ready?”

Dickson: “The coaches want to know that there back ups are ready to go and ready to step up and play.”

Dickson: “I think the offense will be successful depending on Jamaal and Taysom.”

Criddle: “I don’t think that Bronson has met his potential because of injuries.”

Dickson: “I think that BYU has 9 players from last years team that have moved on in some way. I am curious to know how that compares to teams from the past.”

Criddle: “Ziggy is putting on a football camp on July 11th at the BYU practice field.”

Dickson: “I’m glad you’re writing something so you have something to talk about besides watch lists.”

Heather Olmstead Interview:

Olmstead: “An assistant coach is kind of the bridge between the head coach and the girls.”

Olmstead: “Being an assistant for four years, I think I’m going to be able to have a relationships with the girls.”

Olmstead: “Shawn is my older brother, but he’s one guy out of six girls.”

Olmstead: “Shawn had the vision of what he wanted to do and I was there just to help out with it.”

Olmstead: “The girls had no fear on who they were playing when they made that run in the tournament and just went out there and played.”

Olmstead: “I feel like it put us on the map. I was recruiting in Texas and a lot of people would come up to us and congratulate us.”

Olmstead: “It gave us some confidence when we went to the sweet 16 in the year that Jen took a year off.”

Olmstead: “It’ll help us because we’ll probably be considered underdogs with Jen graduating.”

Olmstead: “I think my biggest strength is that I’m going to change very much. Shawn and I are on the same page with philosophy and training.”

Olmstead: “Shawn established it and I’ll just continue with the blueprints.”

Olmstead: “I got into coaching because someone gave me a chance and I don’t think there’s a better chance to get an education than at BYU.”

Olmstead: “I think providing cost of attendance will be huge for our student athletes. We have athletes who are from Canada and back east who fly back home once or twice a year.”

Olmstead: “We have 12 full scholarships and they cannot be divided. We have 5 walk ons on the team.”

Olmstead: “I think a big change for me will be making the big decisions, luckily I’ll have the support of my assistants, but it will come down to me.”

Olmstead: “I think it’s common that parents realize once their kids go to college they’re adults.”

Taysom Hill Interview:

Hill: “I started working out with Tom House a few years ago. John Beck arranged this for me and I told Coach Beck and Wintrich about this and Wintrich went and worked with him to learn some of his techniques.”

Hill: “I was doing a lot of things that Tom was already working on. Now we have actually implemented some of his practices into our workouts.”

Hill: “What they’re trying to do is that they have some workouts that increase flexibility in both my hips and shoulders.”

Hill: “I’ve been able to balance explosiveness and elasticity before. I feel like I’m a little leaner and not as muscle bound now.”

Hill: “Tom hasn’t done a lot of footwork stuff, he’s doing more stuff along the terms of throwing motion and technique.”

Hill: “We do a lot of bag drills for our footwork.”

Hill: “It’s hard to mimic a game type situation in practice but we do the best I can.”

Hill: “I’m willing to change my game up a little bit and I am comfortable with it but there are situations where protection breaks down and I need to make a play.”

Hill: “I feel that one thing that improved from my Sophomore year to my Junior year was the way I moved in the pocket and how aware I was.”

Hill: “At the end of the day, football is a vicious sport and just putting on a helmet puts me in danger. Look at WSU’s QB who broke his leg while sitting in the pocket trying to throw.”

Hill: “It’s hard to change the entire call because we don’t huddle but there are little things that we can do to change plays.”

Hill: “Our first check is run vs. pass. I’ll start up front and see what the front is, then I’ll go to the backers and see where they’re position then go to the safety and see where they lean. The last thing I look at is the corners and I see how much cushion they’re giving me.”

Hill: “Our OL doesn’t always have an idea what we’re running because they’re doing a zone blocking scheme but what’s being changed is with the WR and RB.”

Hill: “We know what we need to accomplish to go and succeed at the next level.”

Hill: “I do talk to my receivers and see what I think they can beat the opponent on as the game on. I also know how these guys run their routes and what they’re best at.”

Hill: “Juergens is a guy who is always where he needs to be and I can always rely on.”

Hill: “It’s hard to say how much you can rely on a guy if they haven’t gone out there and proven themselves yet.”

Sheide: “I’ve always thought that when BYU has a successful game it’s because they have a 8, 9, 10 guys catching passes in the box score.”

Hill: “This week will mark 6 weeks that I’ve worked out with the team. But I do feel that I’m not as strong as I was and how fast I was.”

Sheide: “I know you can do it, but don’t run over players, run out of bounds, take a knee, we need to talk to your wife and see what she can do to make this happen.”

Hill: “When you’re on the one yard line about to score you don’t just run out of bounds.”

Tejan Koroma Interview:

Sheide: “Go into the press box at BYU and you’ll see just how important football is by seeing general authorities, wealthy donors, notable figures.”

Koroma: “I came in last year thinking that I was going to redshirt or just be a backup center to Ed Fusi.”

Sheide: “I think we should name his arms ‘Tay’ and ‘Jam’ sounds like Tejan and it is for Taysom and Jamaal.”

Koroma: “I feel that our team feels ready to go. Our guys are healthy and we’re working hard.”

Koroma: “I’m going to do what I can to be the strongest guy on the team when we start ranking our workouts.”

Koroma: “Steven Richards is ranked first right now, right now I’m around #15.”

Koroma: “If you can get your hands inside and grab whatever you can, jersey, shoulder pads, facemask.”

Koroma: “One guy that I’ve met was Sete Aulai.”

Koroma: “Against Texas, I wasn’t scared, I got excited.”

Koroma: “I mean I was at UT, growing up in Texas playing at UT was the biggest thing ever. I didn’t know my snaps were high at all until I snapped it over Taysom’s head.”

Koroma: “I heard Malcolm Brown’s name before the game but when I lined up against him he was just another guy.”

Koroma: “I was just a little puppy back then and now I’m the big dog.”

Koroma: “Come Nebraska, I want to be the leanest 290 I can be.”

Koroma: “I came out of that scuffle with no boo boo’s.”

Criddle: “Man, 5 guys went after you and you got nothing.”

Criddle: “From what I heard Bronco was initially upset but after he went and watched the film he realize that’s what you need to do and stand up for your team.”

Koroma: “One of my favorite things to do is go over to a guy who gets run over by our RB’s and let them know they did get run all over.”

Koroma: “When I came to BYU I knew that we’d have a big schedule but I didn’t know just how big it would be.”

Koroma: “If we end up losing to Nebraska I will want to bring it against Boise State.”

Koroma: “I’m so excited for the Nebraska game, that’s the game I see myself having to go out there and perform.”

Random Thoughts:

Criddle: “I’m glad we can talk about something besides watch lists. UGH.”

Criddle: “I’m right there with Big 12 expansion. I would way rather talk Nebraska football.”


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