Cougar Cuts and Quotes: April 20th, 2015

News and Notes:

Dickson: “Bronco was unique in how he handled Kearsley. He said he had to get his grades up to get his transfer release.”

Dickson: “There were almost 800 transfers in college basketball last year.”

Dickson: “Bronco has said that if a kid doesn’t want to be there, then he’s free to go. It only creates issues by forcing a kid to stay.”

Dickson: “You don’t want a guy in your program who doesn’t want to be there.”

How We See It:

Criddle: “Jared Lloyd turned the tables and had Bronco ask him a question.”

Dickson: “I think what Bronco wants to know if all the information put out in the media reflected what was going on in the media.”

Dickson: “What is the intent covering a team?”

Dickson: “Number one, you want to be accurate. Second, you want to tell an interesting story.”

Dickson: “That’s the problem that we have in trying to tell the story is that sometimes it’s something that BYU doesn’t want told.”

Dickson: “If you want to see what BYU thinks of themselves, go to their website, watch BYUSN, turn on KSL.”

Dickson: “I’ve been to pressers where BYU has had a controversial question asked and it is censored when uploaded by BYUTV.”

Criddle: “I think that Bronco is somewhat paranoid about trust.”

Dickson: “And he definitely isn’t exclusive when it comes to that.”

Dickson: “I don’t think that Bronco necessarily respects a journalist for what they do.”

Dickson: “Jeff Call and Jay Drew are both getting the same info but the spin that they put on it is unique to them.”

Dickson: “We don’t need Bronco to like us, we need him to respect us.”

Criddle: “I think that Bronco is one of the greatest coaches in college football.”

Criddle: “When it comes down to it, you’re asking these young men to be more obedient than the Army, Navy, and Air Force.”

Criddle: “If it were up to me, they would stay in a dorm where they ate, did their classes, and even did their practices.”

4:30 Segment:

Trinnaman: “I committed to Utah State out of HS and things didn’t work out so I came down to Snow to play WR.”

Trinnaman: “I have an offer from BYU, Utah, and now Oregon State.”

Trinnaman: “BYU is a dream of mine. I’m leaning heavily towards them.”

Trinnaman: “Being close to home is important to me.”

Trinnaman: “I feel like in HS I didn’t have much confidence but coming here I felt like I had to step it up and work on being a better player.”

Trinnaman: “I like BYU’s offense, their quarterbacks are good, and I have a good relationship with coach Holliday.”

Trinnaman: “I’m trying to get Garrett Bolles, Parker Preator, and Braxton [Winterton] to come to BYU.”

Criddle: “I saw Trinnaman at the gym just standing under the hoop and he threw down the ball. Easily a 40″ vertical.”

Dickson: “Snow is loaded with D1 guys and a lot of scouts are going to be down there looking at players.”

Cougar Insider Report:

Dickson: “The BYU Men’s VB team won both games against #1 Hawaii this weekend. The atmosphere was great, the crowd cheered every point like they won the national championship.”

Dickson: “The team has some confidence going into the MPSF tournament. They’ll play at USC in the first round.”

 Dick Harmon Interview:

Harmon: “I think that those transfers will open up some scholarships for the team.”

Harmon: “It’s interesting that it happened right after Coach Rose’s interviews with the players.”

Harmon: “They could end up somewhere that they could get 25-30 minutes a night instead of sitting on the bench.”

Criddle: “In my opinion, Bartley was the best athlete on the team, do you think this will create some problems for the team?”

Harmon: “Bartley has been an off-and-on guy during his career at BYU.”

Harmon: “These two scholarships opening up can help them address some weak points on the team.”

Harmon: “I think that Seljaas could have a similar impact for BYU’s team as Brekkott Chapman did for Utah.”

Harmon: “Am I bringing someone in who could come and rattle the chains and butt heads with my assistant coaches?

Harmon: “Dave won’t hire anyone that will disrupt his staff. He’s looking for continuity and relationships.”

Harmon: “Austin Ainge won’t end up at BYU.”

5:30 Segment:

Dickson: “Quincy already has experience at the college level and has been incredibly successful in high school.”

Dickson: “Coach Rose said that the chemistry with the staff is more important than the chemistry on the team.”

Criddle: “I thought that Frank Bartley was the most athletic player on the team. He blocked a shot with his chest this season.”

Criddle: “He turned over the ball a lot this season, but he was handling the ball more than he was probably comfortable with.”

Riley Jensen Interview:

Jensen: “We talked about an hour and a half of chalk talk and leadership specifically for the QB position.”

Jensen: “There is some talent in the state of Utah with Keaton Torre, Garreson Beach, Caleb Taylor, and a young man from LP named Dakota Hansen.”

Jensen: “Keaton had an ankle injury from baseball so this was his first work out in a while. He was a little rusty but his arm is still live.”

Jensen: “Garreson Beach has an offer from Northern Iowa and every Ivy League school. ASU is also showing some interest.”

Jensen: “Justin Miller transferred from LP to Summit Academy and he is a big kid at 6’4″.”

Jensen: “Miller will get some D1 offers once some good tape comes out on him.”

Jensen: “Dakota Hansen is only a JR but he’s been behind Talmage Gunther. Lone Peak has been loaded at QB.”

Dickson: “What do you think of Jaren Hall?”

Jensen: “Jaren is very athletic, it sounds like he’s grown in the offseason, put on some weight. The question has been about his arm.”

Jensen: “I wore #8 at Utah State because Steve Young was my freaking idol.”

Jensen: “I’m grateful for the way that Lavell treated me after spring ball ended and I was the 2nd string QB.”

Jensen: “Lavell called all the schools that recruited me to see if there was a spot available for me to play.”

Jensen: “When you start talking college football and these coaches are blocking kids from transferring but no one blocks coaches from leaving.”

Jensen: “Why block him? He doesn’t want to be at the school. To me, it’s bad karma to treat people badly.”

6:30 Segment:

Criddle: “According to Jay Drew, Nielsen was urged to leave the program.”

Criddle: “It sounds like he was told that he would have to compete for his scholarship.”

Criddle: “What I’ll remember about Isaac Nielsen was that he was at the 3-point line clapping at Haws to pass the ball to him.”

Criddle: “Ryan Andrus would’ve been a tremendous boon for the team, had he stayed.”

Criddle: “There’s a big guy out of Huntington Beach named Conor Clifford who’s 7’2″ being recruited by South Carolina and Washington St.”

Random Thoughts:

Dickson: “I’m going to go catch the NBA Playoffs tonight. This is the only time of the year that I watch them and I hope there are some good games this week.”

Criddle: “All is well in Zion. The Provo bubble protects us from the outside world.”

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