Cougar Cuts and Quotes: April 16th, 2015

How We See It:

Criddle: “Today Bronco had a 15-minute sit down with each of the beat writers: Wrubell, Drew, Call, and Lloyd.”

Criddle: “Obviously, Greg is the golden child. The question is, who is the 2nd most tolerable BYU beat writer?”

Dickson: “We aren’t supposed to be his friend, we are supposed to cover a team with as impartial a view as possible.”

Dickson: “We shouldn’t be afraid to ask tough questions, but you want to have the relationship where you can have access.”

Dickson: “With Bronco he doesn’t want to mess around, you have to go in prepared and ask good questions.”

Criddle: “He definitely likes softball questions that make him and the program look good, but he also wants well thought out questions.”

Dickson: “If I could ask any question it would be, what do you do to break out of this 8-5 slump and go to a NY6 game?”

Criddle: “I would love to see Harvey Langi and Algernon Brown in the backfield this year similar to Harvey Unga and Manase Tonga.”

4:30 Segment:

Dickson: “I think that there are ways to benefit your program through the media rather than just using BYUTV.”

Dickson: “We want to tell stories that get people talking and thinking.”

Cougar Insider Report:

Criddle: “Jordan Leslie showed up on a list of 32 most likely players to get drafted despite not going to the NFL combine.”

Criddle: “When he started getting targets in games, he was doing really well until he ran a slant in a game at home and hurt his ankle.”

Criddle: “What if we got Jordan Leslie and Rob Daniel drafted this year? Even if they stuck around in the league a while it would help.”

Joe Semanoff Interview:

Semanoff: “When I came into BYU as a walk-on in 2001, they gave me the nickname ‘Baby Luke’.”

Semanoff: “I applied to BYU and was planning on walking on and didn’t get in so I contacted Coach Tidwell and sent him some film and a week later I got my acceptance letter.”

Semanoff: “It was exciting to be in the running back room with a guy like Luke. It was really motivating to be there with the best running back to ever come out of BYU.”

Semanoff: “I only envisioned myself being like Luke from the knees down.”

Semanoff: “Coming in as a walk-on, you want to do whatever you can to get on the field so I made the transition to full back.”

Semanoff: “I felt that putting all that weight on took away a lot of my athletic ability.”

Semanoff: “The moments that I had a chance to do something I felt that there was always a photographer in the right place.”

Semanoff: “I remember being so nervous before that New Mexico game because they told me that I’d be getting the nod that day.”

Semanoff: “I think that Carter could be a great guy to come in for Jamaal while Algie could come in and play both FB and RB like Fui did.”

Semanoff: “It is a long season so BYU will have to rely on all of these guys at some point.”

Semanoff: “Being a fullback, not that many people know who you are. People will ask me, you played with Harvey? Oh yeah, just look 3 yards ahead of him.”

Semanoff: “A lot of times they’d throw the 3 of us in the backfield and they’d know what we were going to pound the football.”

Semanoff: “I think the team may implement some I-Formation running with the power they have there with Brown and Ho Ching.”

Semanoff: “It’s tough tho because you have such good vision running out of shotgun.”

Semanoff: “We have so many options all over the field this year, the only major problem is depth.”

Semanoff: “Taysom is one of those players who makes everyone else so much better.”

Semanoff: “My highlight film is very short and 3/4 of it is me blocking for Harvey. He’d have a good run and I could pat myself on the back.”

Semanoff: “I remember walking out with the Eagles scout after my Pro Day, I put up 34 reps on the bench and he said he’d never seen a RB put up weights like that. I said to him, ‘Where do I sign?'”

Greg Welch Interview:

Welch: “18 months ago, the Trib posted an article about emails referring to Spencer Hadley.”

Welch: “Back on February 20th the Trib released some conversations between Hill and Holmoe.”

Welch: “I thought it was very convenient that the Trib found this info about Hadley and scheduling very close to when they were released.”

Welch: “A very nice cover to release info is to tell someone, ‘I know where you can legally go to obtain info.'”

Welch: “We originally asked the U to recognize us as an official media outlet, it took about 2.5 weeks to get everything.”

Welch: “The Trib only got one email from Dr. Hill and he said that the emails should speak for themselves so I wanted to find out what else they said.”

Welch: “There were two emails that I thought were interesting, one was where Dr. Hill said his email is public.”

Welch: “Often times, fans would email him and he would say, ‘Hey, why don’t you give me a call so we can discuss these matters?”

Welch: “Reading the Trib article you get the idea that he was trying to make something work where my article said that it was coming from public pressure.”

Dickson: “I think the Holy War game should be moved to Thanksgiving weekend and be played every single year.”

Greg Wrubell Interview:

Wrubell: “Canuck is a four letter word in my house the next couple of weeks.”

Wrubell: “From August until April you’re working on a lot of 6-7 week schedules.”

Wrubell: “Things always seem to pop up like the NBA or NFL draft, offseason interviews with coaches, but now I’m definitely prepping for next year.”

Wrubell: “There’s always something new to add to the broadcast every season.”

Wrubell: “IMG holds the rights to broadcast all sports at BYU and had done so with Football and Basketball. They decided to expand last year and Women’s Soccer was an easy choice because of their success.”

Wrubell: “Myself and a few other local writers will be sitting down with Bronco some time tomorrow to ask some questions.”

Wrubell: “A lot of people ask if I notice a difference in Bronco’s demeanor towards the media. I haven’t noticed anything drastic but it’s been gradual.”

Wrubell: “The message of what Bronco, his players, and the program stands for has been well established.”

Criddle: “I don’t know if you’re going to reflect on the past or look to the future, what do you want to ask?”

Wrubell: “I want to talk to him about his emphasis on that first month of the season. The opener against Nebraska is as formidable opponent you can have.”

Wrubell: “The inferring from BYU is that some guys will be missing the first game and you aren’t sure how many guys or how long they’ll be out.”

Wrubell: “Chemistry can’t be used to describe a 120 man group but instead you want to hear about unity and purpose of the team.”

Wrubell: “I don’t think it’s too much of a stretch to say that if in 5 years by 2020 that if BYU isn’t in a P5 situation they may never be.”

Wrubell: “I wish that when the new parameters were set that BYU could’ve been lumped into the non-P5 group for NY6 access.”

Wrubell: “BYU wasn’t represented in those meetings, there were conference commissioners from G5, P5, and ND but not BYU.”

Wrubell: “I’d like for BYU to get Oregon on the schedule and get up to Autzen Stadium.”

Wrubell: “The fact that I get to go to Memorial Stadium and the Big House is such a blessing.”

Wrubell: “I’ve gotten a taste of SEC country but I’d also like to see a game against Florida and Ohio St.”

Wrubell: “I wouldn’t be surprised if the coaching hire for the basketball team was someone who has been close to the program in the past.”

Wrubell: “Quincy and Mark Pope were among the last two applicants he looked at last time.”

Wrubell: “Unless you give the title associate Head Coach, there isn’t really a way to see if there’s a notable amount of responsibilities given to a coach.”

Wrubell: “The most underappreciated coach on the staff is Terry Nashif. He was in charge of the defense during the Jimmer years and now he’s in charge of the offense and they’ve been fantastic.”

Wrubell: “As a coordinator, Terry has done a great job.”

6:30 Segment:

Dickson: “This isn’t like football where you have 12 assistant coaches, it’s 3 assistants and a couple of GA’s.”

Dickson: “The game against Nebraska will be interesting. Mike Riley and Bronco have a great amount of respect for each other.”

Dickson: “Nebraska may not struggle because they are changing from an option-based offense to a pro-style with Mike Riley.”

Dickson: “Playing in Memorial Stadium is a kick, there will be 95,000 fans who will be excited to see their team play.”

Random Thoughts:

Dickson: “A lot of people say that college volleyball isn’t great because there are only 20 teams, but imagine if you took all the best teams in the P5 and put them in a conference that would be awesome and that is what the MPSF is.”

Criddle: “The worst advice you could give to someone like Britt McHenry is be yourself.”


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