Barry Switzer: ‘BYU is probably the best option’ for the Big 12

Former Oklahoma head coach Barry Switzer see’s BYU as a good fit for the Big 12.

Everyone has an opinion about what team(s) should be included in the Big 12, assuming the conference does expand. The Cougars already have a friend — at least in terms of the Big 12 wanting to expand — at Oklahoma in President David Boren.

However, an unlikely ally has come forward in former Oklahoma head coach Barry Switzer. It is no secret of how he feels about BYU, especially going back to 1984 when the Cougars won the national title.

“They play in the worst conference in the country,” Swizter said. “BYU beat its schedule, but it didn’t beat the world.

“I had nothing personal against LaVell Edwards and his team — they were an excellent team,” he said. “It was my job to promote my team and promote the Orange Bowl for the national championship. I was just doing my job, and I got a sewer system named after me.”

Hearing Switzer flip the script when he joined SirusXM College Sports Nation and championed BYU as “the best option” to join the Big 12 was an interesting twist. He also adds that BYU is a team that can win and cites the 2009 win over Oklahoma.

He is also right because the Cougars make the most sense as an addition to the Big 12.


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