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Valley Sports Talk With Brice Larson Live From the Wolverine Golf Classic

Photo Courtesy of UVU and UVU Athletics

Brice Larson is live from The Wolverine Club Golf Classic at Talons Cove Golf Club in Saratoga Springs where he covers the latest news in Wolverine athletics! He also talks Big-12 football and Utah’s current QB situation.

Brice chats with UVU Men’s Basketball newcomer Trevin Dorius about his path to Utah Valley and his expectations for the upcoming season.

Shreyas Laddha of The Kansas City Star hops on the air to discuss Kansas Jayhawks football and basketball, as well as BYU’s transition to the Big-12.

Brice also welcomes UVU Athletics Director of Marketing Jeff Elggren and UVU Volleyball color commentator Kayli Doxey.

UVU Athletics & UVU Marketing

UVU Athletics & UVU Marketing

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