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Chris Lemay: Fact that ‘I’m not very well-liked’ played into Wolverines’ postseason award snubs

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“That’s a sensitive subject,” UVU Women’s Soccer Head Coach Chris Lemay said when asked about the WAC postseason awards. “I feel like part of this is my fault.. I don’t think I’m very well liked among the other coaches in the conference, and that’s okay, until it starts to affect and hurt our players.”

Lemay’s comments stem from what some around the WAC Soccer world are calling a controversy.

Despite UVU outscoring it’s WAC opponents 35-3 in conference play and winning the WAC Regular Season title outright for the second straight season, the Wolverines have had a rather low representation in the post season WAC awards and All-WAC Honors.

The total number of overall WAC honors, including players that were voted to the first and second teams, are listed below including the teams finish in the WAC standings:

(WAC Standings) |  Team Name | Number of Players w Honors 

(2nd place)                         CBU                          6

(4th place)                          GCU                         5

(1st place)                           UVU                         4

(3rd place)                           SU                           4

(5th place)                          UTU                         2

(7th place)                          ACU                          1

Major Awards & All-WAC Total

(WAC Standings) |  Team Name | Number of Players w Honors 

(2nd place)                         CBU                          9

(4th place)                          GCU                          6

(1st place)                           UVU                          5

Opposing coaches around the WAC vote to decide which players receive the awards. Lemay didn’t hold back in stating that he believed the way those other coaches perceived him might have played into the way they decided to vote. Lemay is known for his flashy personality, always seen on the sideline wearing one of his signature outfits that many believe reflect that personality.

“I’m not going to change,” Lemay said on Valley Sports Talk Tuesday morning. “It’s not very often that you win the regular season [title] and you get to go into the tournament with a chip on your shoulder.”

The Wolverines are set to take on GCU in the WAC quarterfinals Wednesday evening. The match is scheduled to kick off at 5pm MT and will be broadcast live on ESPN+.

Find a full list of the Wolverines that received WAC honors HERE

Listen to Chris Lemay’s full comments on ESPN 960 below.






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