Sean “OC” O’Connell Wins First UFC Fight

ESPN 700’s own Sean “OC” O’Connell went to Boston in his third UFC appearance of his career as he squared off with Ultimate Fighter Season 19 Finalist Matt Van Buren.  Van Buren started the first round by handing out a ton of kicks to OC’s body and not giving Sean much opportunity to throw punches since Van Buren had a 4 inch reach advantage.  Second round OC regrouped and came out swinging, landing a ton of punches to the body and face of Van Buren.  The 2nd round ended, and I would say the fight was even with Van Buren winning the first round and OC picking up the second round.  Van Buren ended the second round really gassed by all the kicks he tried to land.  OC took a lot of tough shots to the body and face but was able to withstand.  With a tired Van Buren heading into the 3rd round, OC came out landing a ton of punches and tagging Van Buren two different times before knocking him on the ground.  Van Buren got up, but OC kept hitting him with strong punches and with 2:49 left in the 3rd round the referee stopped the fight and OC picked up his first win in the UFC with a TKO win over Matt Van Buren.  Here are some stats from the fight via

OC controlled the fight for 3:33 compared to Van Buren controlling only :31 of the fight.  OC knocked Van Buren down 1 while OC was never knocked down by Van Buren.  Van Buren landed 135 total strikes with 101 of them being significant.  OC landed 122 total strikes with 86 of them being significant including the Knockout.  OC improves to 15-6 in his MMA career and a win in the UFC.

Congratulate OC by tweeting at him @realOCSports.

Congratulations OC!


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