Max Hall says the Goal is a 10 Win Season

Max Hall & Zach Wilson

By: Aaron Webster
ESPN 960 Contributor

Cougar Sports Insider Ben Criddle chatted with Brigham Young University great, Max Hall, to discuss the QB Elite camp and the state of BYU football today


Max Hall – “When it comes down to it and need someone out there to win, who are you going to have out there? Some pretty boy, good looking boy throwing the ball or some bad boy who is going to get crap down….just leave me alone, I’ll call the plays, you guys watch.”


QB Elite Camp

Quarterback Elite (QB Elite) was founded in 2011 by Dustin Smith and former longtime NFL QB and Heisman Trophy winner Ty Detmer. Since that time thousands of football players from youth to high school, and college and NFL, have learned from the QB Elite team. QB Elite has created a truly ELITE experience for those serious about development. Coaches have included former NFL All Pro, 18 year QB and current head coach Mark Brunell, former longtime D1 college QB coach and NFL QB Brandon Doman, former 2x NFL MVP, Super Bowl MVP and current NFL Hall of Famer Kurt Warner, and former NFL QB and current coach Max Hall. Other coaches involved in QB Elite include several of the top Wide Receiver, Defensive back, Offensive Lineman and Linebacker coaches in the west, as well as local college coaches who attend and coach at our yearly summer camp. (

Max Hall – “It’s not just about QB fundamentals but it’s about how to play QB, how to have charisma, how to act, how to be a leader, how to do things the right way.”

Ben Criddle – “Who stood out to you? Who should we be talking about as a rising star from the prep world?”

Max Hall – “A couple that caught my eye were Cole Hagen (Corner Canyon HS, Draper, UT), he is a high GPA guy, won state championships in football and basketball and is a track kid. Another guy is Lincoln Labrum (Union HS, Roosevelt, UT), good looking kid with a strong arm.”

Ben Criddle – “Max I love your coaching style because you’re forthright, you’re vocal, you inspire, I want to know about the message you share with these young men, these quarterbacks, these football players and why you share it?”

Max Hall – “One of the big parts of the camps is where I share my story, what I went through, my experiences at BYU, the (Arizona) Cardinals, experiences and what I had to go through with addiction and come back from that and where I am at now. I get emotional during it…it means a lot to me and I feel like they can feel the passion behind it. The main message in the whole thing is that football is a big part of who we all are, we all love the game… but at the end of the day it cannot be the most important thing in your life. One day football is going to be over and how are you going to react to that? What kind of man are you outside of football?”

Ben Criddle – “I love it, I love the Max Hall message.”




Ben Criddle – “I want to talk about expectations because expectations determine the happiness as fans, as media members and as football players. What are your expectations for BYU football in 2019?”

Max Hall – “I think the goal is a 10 win season. I think we can be happy with an eight-win season. But to be honest with you and to be realistic, we have to win two out of the first four games. If we win two out of the first four, we have a chance to run the table…we obviously need to stay healthy. But we are thin, we don’t have any depth.”

“I think we have a chance, I think they have a talented team, they are well coached. I can see this year is different from years passed. Some of the players have a little bit more passion, the quarterbacks are organizing practices right now, player-run practices, looking forward to that first game against Utah. I remember the season I went into my senior year, we were playing Oklahoma in game one, and that was something in my head every day, preparing for that game. I think that’s what it is for the Cougars, as they are preparing and working out in the weight room, out on the field, or just even at home, they are preparing for the beginning of this season. But an eight or nine-win season I’d be happy with.”




Ben Criddle – “Max, does it warm your heart that Zach Wilson has memorized your post-Utah 2009 speech to the media?”

Max Hall – “He does?”


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