Kamaal Ahmad on the kind of impact Isaiah Herron could have in the community by returning to BYU

Kamaal Ahmad joins the show to discuss Isaiah Herron returning to BYU and what kind of impact a player like Herron could have in the community when it comes to racial issues facing our country.

Herron announced he would be returning to BYU in an Instagram post Wednesday Afternoon, stating, “the reason I wanted to leave was due to the current climate in America in regards to racial injustice and the killing of unarmed black men and women. I felt a historically black college was the best place that I could help tackle these injustices because of the culture and locations of the schools. With a little more time to think I have made the decision to stay here at BYU. I realized I can have an impact in this state by opening eyes here and help other African Americans in Utah because of the small amount of diversity that’s here. I’m looking forward to using my opportunities here to make a positive impact.”

Local football coach and activist Kamaal Ahmad weighed in Herron’s decision to return to BYU and gave his thoughts on how the cornerback can make an impact in the community.

“Continue doing what he’s doing now. Just hearing that background, that’s amazing. This young man sounds like a man of great character and BYU is lucky to have him,” Ahmad said. “I feel like that is something that can go hand-in-hand with sports when the time calls for it. I don’t think its something that we always want to do, but when it’s necessary, leaders have to speak up and athletes are on the biggest stage day after day in our country for the most part. So, they have a voice, they have a platform. And when they use it in a positive way, man, it’s powerful. That is powerful, like what this young man plans on doing so I greatly respect it.”

Ahmad continued on to say that BYU offers student-athletes a unique opportunity when it comes to race relations on college campuses.

“This is a time for BYU to be the leaders in this, which could greatly catapult their program with African American players,” Ahmad said. “I think it’s a perfect place for that modern African American who comes from a family with great values, who wants to put their child in a great place to where they are in a great environment to learn and they don’t have to worry about all the negative things that are at other campuses. So, I think they have a great opportunity right now to reach out to African American leaders because not too many schools are doing that right now, in fact, I don’t know any.”

Ahmad even went as far as to claim that he wants his kids to attend a school like BYU, because of the values and the environment that is in place at the school

“I didn’t want to go to BYU. When I learned about BYU, and I learned about them and who they are and what they stood for? I want my kids going there. I’d love for both of my sons to go there. In fact, if I had to pick an institution right now, that’s where they’re going. We’re not LDS, but I love the values so much, that’s what I want with my family.”

You can listen to Kamaal Ahmad’s full interview here.

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