John Beck says BYU should ‘Control what they can control’

Former BYU and NFL quarterback, John Beck, talked with Ben Criddle on Wednesday about the uncertainty surrounding the 2020 BYU football schedule and how it impacts team preparation.

“This is where you need to put in the practice,” Beck said. “It’s really controlling what you can control. If I’m a player, I’m just going to say, ‘Look, I know I’m going to put my helmet on every day. I know I can prepare as best I can. Who cares who we play?’

“As soon as they tell us who our opponent is, great, but even that won’t change the way that we are preparing.”

Written by Bridger Beal

Bridger is a student at Utah Valley University where he studies journalism and mass communication. He is the sports editor of the on-campus newspaper, The Review. Bridger is a life-long Cougar fan and college football enthusiast.

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