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Introducing Cougar Bytes, a New Podcast from ESPN960

Introducing Cougar Bytes, a New Podcast from ESPN960

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Cougar fans, you’ve been listening to the Cougar Sports with Ben Criddle show and podcasts for years! We appreciate your loyal, strong, and true support of the show and we wanted to return the love. So we decided to create a new easily digestible podcast full of nothing but short, powerful clips from Criddle and the guests on Cougar Sports. The podcast will feature only the most interesting, exciting, or debatable snippets from the radio show all thrown together for you in a concise bite-sized format.

You’ll hear highlights from BYU legends like former Athletic Director Val Hale who explained how close Andy Reid was to becoming the Head Coach of BYU Football following LaVell Edwards’ retirement.

Or FitCon CEO and former U of U Tight End Dallin Rogers on if Kyle Whittingham promised his team in 2009, that they would never lose to BYU again.

Once again, we appreciate all your support! Be sure to hit subscribe and give us a rating and a review so others can find this new exciting podcast.

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