BYU football players 1-25: No. 14 Aidan Robbins

Photo Courtesy of BYU Photo and BYU Athletics

Having not played a single down for the Cougar football team, Aidan Robbins carries large expectations nonetheless, and for good reason. The 6-foot-3 240 pound transfer from UNLV is set to be BYU’s lead back this season due to his impressive practice performances coupled with his impressive size and speed combination.

“Given his superior size and speed combination, Aidan Robbins is set to become one of the best backs BYU has ever had,” said Ben Criddle, host of Cougar Sports with Ben Criddle on ESPN960. “He’s a one-cut-get-up-the-field type, which plays well in Aaron Roderick’s wide-zone scheme, coupled with play-action. I expect plenty of production because he has been durable in his career along with his impressive skillset. Should he remain healthy, Robbins could be a thousand yard rusher this season.”

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