15 Vines Of Average People Being Totally Athletic

Who doesn’t love to see a good face plant every now and then?

1. The Trampoline Faceplant

This guy has the front flip nailed.

2. The Super Push Up

Not how you do them.

3. The “Mom, watch me jump my bike into the lake like those guys on YouTube!”

Didn’t even make it to the lake.

4. The Not McEnroe Serve


5. The Super High Jump


6. The X Games BMX’er

Would’ve had that if he were going faster.

7. The Playground Back Flip

Have you ever seen a video of someone trying to do a trick off of playground equipment actually work out? We haven’t…

8. The Not Tiger Woods

This guy won’t be on the PGA Tour anytime soon.

9. The Shaq

Glass shard shower anyone?

10. The Bullseye

Her cohost did a really good job of acting like he didn’t know that was coming.

11. The “I’m knocking, is anyone home?”


12. The Dirty Hands

Nothing says clean like putting your hands on the floor of a public restroom.

13. The “Would you like to go swimming or eat a house?”

I think that second guy is dead.

14. The “Please Have A Seat.”

Sit. Down.

15. The Nutcracker

Who doesn’t love watching a good nut shot?


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