San Antonio Spurs waive Jimmer Fredette, per Yahoo

Yahoo Sports is reporting that the San Antonio Spurs are parting ways with Jimmer Fredette

The San Antonio Spurs were likely the last and frankly best spot for Jimmer Fredette to make it n the NBA. Well, the former BYU star is reportedly on his way out with the Spurs.

There was some hope that Fredette would stick with the Spurs for at least part of the year since his contract was guaranteed for half of the season. He only played in two of the five Spurs preseason games and played just 26 minutes in which he had four points, six rebounds and missed all three shots from beyond the arc.

It is highly unlikely that Fredette’s NBA career is over, but not his pro basketball career. This summer he chose a chance to play with the Spurs over a contract offer from the Italian team Olympia Milano, so his options are not over to continue to play professional basketball.

Do not be surprised with NBA cuts like this coming down over the next week or two that European teams will make Fredette a highly sought after player.


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