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Fan willing to trade a vending machine for Las Vegas Bowl tickets

This fan really wants Las Vegas Bowl tickets, and is looking to trade a RC Cola vending machine for tickets.

The Las Vegas Bowl is sold out and tickets on the secondary market to see an on location Holy War between BYU and Utah are starting at $200 per ticket. Make no mistake this is a hot ticket and this leads fans to get creative to secure bowl tickets.

rc colaThere are fans who are trying to be creative to get their hands on tickets, and that includes making trade offers. One Prov-based fan has an interesting trade offer which is to get bowl game tickets for  an RC Cola vending machine.

This seems like an interesting trade to see Utah vs. BYU in Las Vegas, but there is a market for old vintage soda vending machines, and on eBay items like this can go in the neighborhood of a few hundred dollars. However, RC Cola is not the same as Pepsi or Coca-Cola, so this fan is likely out of luck for securing tickets, so best of luck seller.

This offers seems legit as this seller also is selling puppies, so if you don’t want to trade your Las Vegas Bowl tickets you can get some pure bread border collies.


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