Weird Ways the Government is Affecting Sports in America

Most people think of Football, Baseball, Soccer, and many others sports as a private enterprise ran by a few nonprofit organizations to bring the world extreme levels of awesome. Interestingly enough although a lot of that is true here are 4 ways in which the government also has its hand in our favorite past times.

1. I personally am just glad to have them.

What is probably one of the most controversial topics of sports in the political world is how some things get paid for. The average subsidy in the NFL is about 65 percent of the costs of a stadium is paid for by the public,” Chargers spokesman Mark Fabiani said Aug. 17 during a radio interview with KPBS.

2. Be careful what you say on Facebook

In the last decade six cases have been reviewed by the U.S. Court of Appeals as well as a bunch of others by the U.S. District Courts that have weighed in on if you can be punished for what you say on social media. While most of us see social media as an extension of our free speech rights it turns out that about half of these courts have decided. Hundreds of athletes are penalized each year for the dumb things they post on online. I guess if you wouldn’t say it to your coaches face don’t put it online.

3. Are you licensed for Sunday Night Football

SECTION 41-6-3 of U.S. law states that Professional sports, except ice polo and hockey, must obtain a license to play games on Sunday. Like all licenses, you don’t just get one for free. Organizations at one point had to file and pay for a Sunday license. This law has been altered over a dozen times and as recent as 1997.

4. Put that needle down

In what has now in 2016 become the norm, steroids haven’t always been illegal. Putting the health and side effects argument away for steroids the real reason our government stepped in might surprise you. Anabolic steroids were added to the schedule 3 list of controlled substances act in 1990 because they were considered to be a communist drug. What’s even funnier is the NBA, NHL, and MLB didn’t ban them until many years after they were made illegal. It should be noted that they do damage to the body and are harmful as well as illegal. DON’T’ USE THEM!

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