The Definitive Guide to Soccer Hairstyles

Besides being a growing sport, soccer is known for all the crazy hairstyles that come and go. The soccer hairstyle has almost become as important as the skill the player has.

Outside the US, fans follow soccer players like celebrities and copy their dress and hair. So, to help with your knowledge of soccer players and their hairstyle here is the definitive list of soccer hairstyles presented by a superstar on and off the field: David Beckham

Long hair: In the 90’s soccer players had their hair long. Some even longer than Beckham’s. They could be seen on the field with their hair blowing in the wind as they cut in and out. There are a few players who still attempt to pull off this style.

DB-1997 DB-1998 DB-1999

Bald: Soccer players seem to go with the shaved head after they have had the long hair for some time. It must be a nice break after all that hair before.


Faux hawk: This is the hairstyle soccer players are most famous for. Whether it makes them feel more aerodynamic or it is just the defining hairstyle; either way it’s pretty cool.


Dreads: Not many soccer players can pull this off including David Beckham. There have been several attempts over the years and it seems to be the best one still is RSL’s own Kyle Beckerman.
This hairstyle looks awesome when done right but it just seems like pain to take care of, especially for a soccer player.


The Ponytail: This is slightly different than the long hair. The soccer player chooses to put it up in a ponytail or bun rather than let it flow.


Shag: Often players have a devil-may-care attitude and the shag is perfect look for that.

DB-2010 DB-2006

GQ: This hairstyle is probably the most recent hairstyle. Players are starting to acquire the same fame as Hollywood actors and they are dressing for the part.

DB-2012 DB-2007

Which hairstyle do you like best?

Images courtesy of Duncan Hull


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