4 Easy Ways to Recycle at Work

If your company is like ours, you are always looking to improve environmental consciousness at work by reducing your carbon footprint. It may seem difficult to figure out how to promote recycling in the workplace, but actually, it is easier than you think! Here are our recommendations from Atlas Disposal to provide better office recycling solutions to make recycling at work easy:

  1. Educate yourself and your staff. It’s important to know HOW to recycle, but also WHY we recycle. Proper recycling allows us to divert resources from the landfill that are still useful and are remade into something new. Keeping food out of the landfill by composting or donating reduces harmful greenhouse gas emissions and can help supply someone’s next meal. Staying up to date on your local recycling regulations (what is required, what is accepted in each bin, etc.) will allow you to be better at the bin. Check out Atlas’s Go Green Section for more information!
  2. Make recycling bins easily accessible around your space. You should place a recycling bin beside every garbage bin. Studies show that the most common reason people don’t recycle is that it is not accessible/convenient. People are happy to recycle when it’s convenient!
  3. Use signage. Use posters and signage strategically around spaces, both by bins and in common areas. Clear imagery of what goes in each bin posted above or on bins will make sorting much easier! You can find posters and flyers for your office and staff here.
  4. Practice makes perfect: Like most things, there is no quick shortcut to becoming a great recycler. Commit yourself to think before you dispose of your waste, and encourage others to do the same! Recycling at work doesn’t have to be hard. Like any other habit, proper waste sorting will eventually become second nature if you put in the effort.

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