10 Local Businesses You Should Know About

As small businesses started opening up again, I noticed promotions and advertisements for several local companies that I haven’t even heard of before. This quarantine has given me a new appreciation about Utah’s local businesses, how they were affected, and how we can help by patronizing them.

So, I asked some people around the office about local businesses they like, feel are under-recognized, or would just be good on a list like this. I put these in alphabetical order so there aren’t ideas of one being “better” than another. Here they are:

Apple Beer

Apple Beer is a local beverage company that makes Apple Beer and Apple Beer Five, a soft drink with apple and natural herb and spice blends. The company has remained family-owned for over 4 decades! Recently they started a parent company called SodaBeers and introduced a few more soft drinks including Ginger Beer, Root Beer, and Butterscotch Beer.

Atlas Disposal

Atlas Disposal is a waste management company based out of Utah that was started with the focus on finding green solutions. Atlas Disposal has several green initiatives to ensure they are maximizing the green efficiency of its customers. You can also rent dumpsters for dejunking and yard work.

Banbury Cross Donuts

Who doesn’t love donuts? Banbury Cross Donuts opened in Salt Lake City back in 1986 and has been serving high-quality donuts and pastries ever since. Seriously, if you want to be the office hero take in a box of Banbury Cross Donuts. Works around here every time.

Beehive Sports

After graduating it can be pretty tough to meet new people. It can also be tough to find opportunities to play sports as you did in high school. That’s where Beehive sport & social club comes in. They have adult leagues for a variety of sports, with the premise being a social and casual recreational co-ed sports experience. Sports include kickball, sand volleyball, flag football, dodgeball, soccer, softball, and more.


If you’ve ever bought a used car you’ve probably had an issue in wondering if the car actually worked as the seller told you it did. Bluestar does 3rd party car inspections so that you know you are getting the most reliable information on the vehicle you are purchasing. They want to bring transparency to the seller.

Chip Cookies

Surely, you’ve noticed the cookie craze Utah has been going through with all these Gourmet Cookie Delivery services. Well, Chip was the first one to do it, and their cookies are unbelievable. They started an entire cookie revolution, and they have been irresistible since opening.

Church & State

Church and State is a non-profit business that brings communities together to elevate entrepreneurship. Their ultimate goal is for the entrepreneurs and small businesses they work with to be self-sustainable. They have already helped over 500 entrepreneurs!

Drop Mobile Oil

Going to get your oil changed can be quite a hassle and commitment. That’s why Drop Mobile Oil started doing mobile oil changes, where they will come to you. You can get your oil changed from your house or while you are at work, no extra time needed from you they take care of everything!

Randy’s Records

Started by a Vietnam veteran named Randy, Randy’s Records seriously has the best collection of vinyl records. They have a great mix of new records, box sets, and used records as well. Don’t have a turntable yet? Randy’s sells new and used turntables, amplifiers/receivers, and speakers. Collecting records is super rad, and if you collect records you NEED to give Randy’s Records a visit.

Spy Hop

Spy hop is a non-profit digital media arts center for students ages 9-19. They offer hands-on programming for students of all skill levels. They believe in the next generation and think it is important to get students engaged in film, audio, music, and digital design.

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