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Big 12 is still open to expansion

The Big 12 announced that they will continue to pursue expansion and as many as four teams could be added to the conference.

The highly anticipated Big 12 teleconference came and went and what was said is very favorable for BYU’s chances to join the conference. The league voted and it was unanimous that the league wanted to look into adding teams.

“We are evaluating what expansion of the league might contribute to the overall process and the financial process of the league,” Boren said during a teleconference with the media. “At the end of that discussion, the decision of the board was to have the commissioner re-contact those schools who have contacted the conference and evaluate their interests, and he will be reporting back to us.”

BYU has been one of the top teams mentioned as has Colorado State, UCF, South Florida, Memphis, Houston, Connecticut and others. One key quote from the teleconference was that the league could be looking at not just adding two teams but could be adding four teams to the Big 12.

The factors that the conference laid out clearly are advantageous to the Cougar program, and in these categories BYU is at the top or near the very top.

The Big 12 could also be on an accelerated timeline to add teams, and a vote could come in the next few months.

Of note, BYU does have an out built in to their contracts with opponents on their upcoming schedule that the Cougars can get out of those games without having to pay a penalty if they get an invite to the Big 12.

Outside of BYU getting an invite, this news is the best that the Cougars could have hoped for.

With the news that the Big 12 is opening their options, BYU athletics director released a statement on this news.

Here is the complete transcript and audio below. It does include a decent amount of Baylor talk as well.


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