West Virginia vs. BYU film breakdown

BYU had a tough loss against West Virginia, 35-32, over the weekend. There were plenty of chances for BYU to get the win and Ben Criddle looked at key plays with commentary via vine, so they are short and to the point.

BYU brings double A gap pressure from our ILB’s, Butch gives the RG the Bizness.

QB gets the glory and the criticism, but then I watch a 4th&5 conversion which led to a TD and can’t help but say “Team Game/Team Play”

2nd and 4, pistol boot PA from diamond, great job by Kai staying home and laying the lumber. Good angle, always inside out/ J tech.

Jamaal Williams uses capoeira to punish would be tacklers.

Here’s a play I’d like to see Tanner have a crack at. Bunch RT, Y drive settle, F Seam, Z wheel. CP is open,has 1-2 steps. Lead him to the end zone.

THIS IS AN FANTASTIC THROW! After wheel route incomp. TH looks LT draws S away from Jurgs on whip route, hits him in stride while HIT! TD!

BYU’s defense still trying to figure out ways to get pressure on QB. Currently 88th in sacks. This was zone pressure & 1st incompletion of game

Butch baited Howard well on the Dig route. Flowed right, waited for the hitch step then jumped the route.

Apparently Francis wanted that INT. Somebody ask Francis why he’s grabbing a hold of Butch’s jersey.

So many good things. I form pro left x flop, HB lead Off tackle. Makes S miss. If Eide gets #1 JW takes it to the house.

LOVE THE EFFORT BY JONAH TRINNAMAN! Look at those wheels. I give JT more looks in the pass game next week just because of this effort.

2nd & Goal, Ace Wing Left PA Boot, Here Is another play in which I would like to see Tanner. Kurtz is open back of EZ waiting for touch pass

3rd & goal 2nd poss. After big JW run. Motion into 2×2, quick out by CP, Slant by NK, Shoaf can’t sustain block or TH throws TD to CP IMO.

Redo 3rd&goal. CP doesn’t press his DB into Endzone. He shorts his hitch. Not Taysoms fault, but I like the bigger NK up top as 1st option.

Been impressed with the KOC! High balloon kick that lands at the GL has been money.Y has created long field all yr. Cheesy w/ body slam here.

14-10 WVU. Punt from the 50, WVU starts from the 22. Need better FP vs. a great offense like WVU. Luckily it was a 3 and out next poss.

This counted as the first sack given up this year by the WVU offense. Nice pursuit by Langi. Would love to see more bull rush from Langi.

I have been thoroughly impressed w/ Logan Taele this season. 16 tkls, 3 TFL, best Interior DL this seas. 3&3 makes 2 miss and makes play

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