Utah’s Seni Fauonuku calls out BYU for being a ‘dirty team’

BYU and Utah met for some pre bowl festivities and thinks were going well and then Seni Fauonuku called out BYU for being a dirty team.

At some point during the pregame festivities there was likely to be some sort of smack talk between BYU and Utah, and despite what some Ute fans say about the Cougars this is a rivalry game. Wednesday night the teams met up for the Freemont Street Experience and there were DJ’s and season long highlights for both teams.

There was even BYU punter Johnny Linehan dancing on stage to some very outdated Will Smith music, yet he pulled it off.

Later on near the end of the event had Utah defensive tackle Seni Fauonuku wanting to take the microphone and offered a few choice words about how BYU plays “dirty.”

BYU has gained the reputation as a team that is overzealous and has been caught on multiple occasions with groin shots, taking out a defenseless wide receiver and there was also the Miami Beach Bowl brawl, but on the last one that was an effort equally shared by Memphis.

However, it should be noted that Fauonuku is not clean himself as he was charged with aggravated robbery which is a first-degree felony when he was in high school back in 2010.

So, for those who say this is not a rivalry game, well it sure is. Add this quote by Fauonuku to one of the many that have gone down in history for this game.


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