Dan Mullen compares Taysom Hill to Tim Tebow

Mississippi State head coach Dan Mullen compares Taysom Hill to a former Heisman trophy winner.

Mississippi State head coach Dan Mullen has coached for and against his fare share of quarterbacks as he has coached Heisman finalist Alex Smith at Utah, Heisman trophy winner Tim Tebow while at Florida and most recently coached Dak Prescott who is having a great rookie season as the starting quarterback for the Dallas Cowboys.

Safe to say Mullen knows a thing or two about quarterbacks.

This week his Bulldogs team travels to Provo to take on BYU and will face a dynamic quarterback in his own right in Taysom Hill. During Mullen’s weekly press conference he was asked about his thoughts on Hill.

“He’s a unique player,” Mullen said of Hill on Monday. “Maybe like Tim Tebow in that way; he’s a physical runner, a will-yourself-to-win guy.”

Hill has leadership being a fifth-year player at BYU and he has the ability to make plays to keep the Cougars offense on the field.

“He’s not going to make dynamic plays running with the ball — until all of a sudden he breaks into the open field and nobody catches him,” Mullen said. “He runs physical and you got him in the pocket and he really shows up on third-and-4, or the game is on the line and he just finds a way to scramble and stay alive. Sometimes he will tuck it. Sometimes he will throw a pass and beat you that way. He’s got that ‘it’ factor as a quarterback.”

That is high praise and these comments are somewhat common as Hill has drawn that comparison before as the two are solid runners and can just get wins even though at times their passing game can be sporadic.

The comparison none the less is great praise from Mullen who knows his quarterbacks, and Hill backed this praise after his solid performance against Michigan State last week where he passed for 18 for 27 for 138 yards and a score, plus he rushed for 47 more yards and added another touchdown on the ground.

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