Matt Wells – Utah State head coach – 6-10-15

Utah State head coach Matt Wells is heading into his third season as the Aggies head coach and his third time to play BYU. This year’s game is at the end of the year on Nov. 28. He joined the program to go over the series,  Utah State’s upcoming season plus how the recruiting in the state is just getting better and better.

The big question for Wells is the health of his team, and specifically Chuckie Keeton. In fact, in this series there has been a starting quarterback hurt the past three year. Taysom Hill badly injured his knee in his freshman year, Keeton tore his ACL in 2013 and last year Hill was tackled from behind and had a season-ending injury. Maybe this is the year that there are no major injuries at the quarterback spot.

“I think both sides would like that, it’s been so devastating for both teams,” Wells said on the quarterbacks. “They’re both incredible players, I know that about my guy, and I believe everything I’ve heard about Taysom to be true.”

As  for Wells’ guy, Keeton, all signs are pointing to an optimistic return for his final year of eligibility.

“Chuckie is doing well, he’s full speed and went without a knee brace all spring, and I look for him to have a good season this year, he’s cutting laterally,” he said. “Chuckie has only made it through one year completely healthy, and Our back ups have performed well, Adam Kennedy went 5-1, Darrel Garretson went 5-1, and Kent Myers went I think 6-1.”

As for recruiting the state of Utah, Wells see’s the 2017 class as the best he has ever been part of in his five years as coaching.

Here is the full interview.


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