Kalani Sitake will be a game changer in recruiting for BYU

How will Kalani Sitake impact BYU’s recruiting pool?

By Dusty Litster

Days after the announcement that Bronco Mendenhall was moving on to UVA I began reaching out to local recruits to try to get the pulse of potential Cougars. I asked each of them if there was a coach or coaches that were being listed as candidates that could possibly impact their decision.

It was a fun experience to get into the minds of young men that are preparing to move into a world that many of us wish we could experience. Their college football career is the culmination of hard work, and a coach, especially his staff will make a major impact on that experience.

All-Poly founder, Alema Te’o recently told the Deseret News that Kalani Sitake being the head coach at BYU could be a “game changer.”

One recruit that is currently committed elsewhere said, “I mainly base my school on what’s going to benefit me the most after football… But I love Ken and Kalani so if one of those guys got the job I’ll seriously consider BYU again.”

I received a few other responses that were very similar.

Tom Holmoe stated that “recruiting” was a major factor that was being considered during the hiring process. You will not find a more dynamic recruiter than Kalani Sitake. Story after story has been shared about his personality and ability to connect with young men. It will serve him well in his new role.

Dick Harmon of the Deseret News started Holy War Day off with a bang by tweeting: “Kalani Sitake is the first LaVell Edwards player hired as a HC after 16 years by BYU. Been told official announcement could B today.”

This news lit twitter up like a progressive slot machine hitting a jack-pot. A very prominent recruit told me; “Man that would be awesome! I love Coach Sitake! He would definitely make me consider BYU even more than before.”

As excited as I could tell he is of this morning’s news, he immediately praised Nick Howell, and asked if staff news had been announced.

BYU got their man. A BYU man. To me, it is fitting that a new chapter of BYU football si ready to be written the day that an unremarkable chapter of the Holy War will be written.


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