Jimmy Rex’s top three properties and BYU stories over the weekend

Each Monday we will have the top three BYU stories with Jimmy Rex of Rex Real Estate and also his top three properties of the week. Check out their complete list each week of best properties at their website,

1. Murray – $185,000- 2900 square foot luxury condo units and it’s fully furnished. Bank approved short sale. Sold for same price on 8/2006/ Taysom Hill injury AKA the Bo Jackson of BYU football.

Taysom Hill suffered three unique injuries which all ended his respective seasons, and the latest injury is the lisfranc which will have his career come to an unfortunate end. There has been an increase in lisfranc injuries due to players getting bigger, turf and cleats. The cleats are an issue with wanting to be lighter and with that sacrifices some stability in the feet, and that is a reason for an increase in injuries.

2.  Syracuse – $245,000- 3600 square foot built in 2007 . Bank approved for short sale and is great rental or a family house/Tanner Mangum beats Nebraska and what are the win total expectations.  

Jake Kuresa says BYU go 9-3 with true freshman quarterback. Ben Criddle see’s BYU going 2-2 in September. Projections out there see BYU still winning eight games this year even with a true freshman quarterback. Despite expectations still being high look for Mangum’s best play to come late into the year and possibly peaking in the Missouri game.

3. DRAPER- $265,000- 2,300 square foot house built in 1997- Fully furnished and is bank approved for a short sale. This sold for $253,000 ON 10/24/2005/Who stood out in BYU’s win over Nebraska.

Jake Kuresa says Nick Kurtz, Bronson Kaufusi and Terren Houk stood out to him in the win over Nebraska. Travis Tuiloma had a huge game at nose tackle before left with an injury, and the difference was noticeable once he left the game. Taysom Hill also had a big game and was a big reason that BYU was able to upend Nebraska on the road. Of course, Mitch Mathews had a huge game with a pair of touchdowns and the game-winning grab.



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