Here is What you Missed Over the Weekend in BYU Sports

A visit to a prison, topping Wagner and a public look at the basketball team.

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1. Boom Shakalaka – what did we learn from this event?

This was a chance to see the men’s and women’s basketball team in a skills challenge, dunk and three-point shot. While getting to see the teams in this type of setting it was not for everyone, but one big bonus was seeing actual proof that Jamal Aytes in action.

2. BYU tops Wagner, 70-6, did we learn anything?

A few of the younger players got a chance to play a lot and it gave a glimpse for some of the future players for BYU. There could be a few who will see more time later on this year with their performance against Wagner. Also, it was a chance to see Koy Detmer in his first collegiate action.

3. BYU visits state prison for fireside prior to Wagner game.

BYU always has a fireside prior to football games but this one visiting a local prison is one that stands out for players and coaches. The inmates appreciate the program coming to visit and provide an uplifting message.


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