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Get the info on the top three properties and BYU stories from over the weekend.

Each Monday we will have the top three BYU stories with Jimmy Rex of Rex Real Estate and also his top three properties of the week. Check out their complete list each week of best properties at their website,

1. Kamas – Cabin going for $75,000 and is 900 square foot and is on 1/2 acre of land/BYU tops East Carolina on homecoming.

This was a good and solid win and keeps BYU in a healthy spot after the win and just maybe they can get back to the rankings if they beat Cincinnati Friday night. This team was depleted but still was able to get a win and hold off the ECU rally. However, the fans still have some concern and feel uneasy for parts of the game with how BYU went out to a big lead but gave that up.

2. Springville – $177,000- 2,200 square foot house. Mother in law apartment, live up top and rent the bottom to cover the mortgage./BYU injured players are expected to be back against Cincinnati. 

BYU is hopeful that Tanner Mangum’s hamstring heals up well enough where he is successful throwing the ball. Look for the offense to adjust and see very few, if any, roll out plays that force Mangum to run that much.

Harvey Langi is expected to be ready to go as is Tanner Mangum for the quick turnaround for Friday’s game against Cincinnati

3. Logan – $135,000 – 2,800 square foot house and is bank owned and is under $48/square foot for a house/Former BYU quarterback Steve Sarkisian fired as USC head coach

Sarkisian has some issues with alcohol and USC felt it was appropriate to let him go as head coach, and now he can get the help he needs to recover. Sarkisian has enrolled in a rehab center to start the process to get better.


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