Jabari Parker takes to the BYU football field

Jabari Parker

Jabari Parker stops by the BYU football practice facility to run a few routes. Imagine the possibilities with him at tight end.

Jabari Parker was spotted on BYU’s campus last week and he was playing pickup basketball with his cousin Harvey Unga, but basketball is not all that he was up to. Parker took to the football field to show off his route running and catching ability, spoiler he is good.

With BYU needing a tight end, the 6-foot-8, 250-pound Parker could fill that spot very nicely, and offensive coordinator Ty Detmer would love having a player of this size and skill set to plug in at tight end. However, Parker is busy with his day job as part of the Milwaukee Bucks.

One could spend hours thinking of ways to incorporate Parker into the BYU offense and he would immediately would be a top target in this offense, and defenses would have an extremely tough time trying to stop him.

Having Parker on campus does provide a huge recruiting tool for the football team as it puts a spotlight on BYU, and the staff took advantage by documenting his time and having some fun on the football field.

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