Desmond Howard is not a fan of BYU naming Taysom Hill starting QB at 26

ESPN college football analyst is not a fan of BYU starting 26-year-old Taysom Hill, and believes that serving a mission is a boon for the BYU football program.

BYU recently named Taysom Hill its starting quarterback on his 26th birthday and that has caused a minor stir as Hill is older than most college football players. He will be eight years older than the 18-year-old true freshman. Hill is older because he went on his LDS mission and earned a medical redshirt last year.

The news is not that he is an older quarterback but some people still think that going on a two-year mission where one does not get the proper nutrition for an athlete, there is very little time to do any sort of workout to stay in shape and even less time to play one’s sport while away for two years.

That did not stop ESPN’s Desmond Howard saying it it was unfair during Wednesday’s “College Football Live” in a segment titled “Fair or Foul” as the hosts discuss Hill being named the starter for BYU.

“BYU has been getting away with this hustle for years. You have grown men playing against boys, 17, 18, 19 and sometimes 20-year-old,” Howard said. “I think this is as fouls as it gets, and I think there needs to be a cutoff age for playing collegiate football.”

SEC czar Paul Finebaum, and others, try to straighten out Howard that these player are doing good things, and others brought up Brandon Weeden and Chris Weinke who were older as they played pro baseball.

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