Dark Lord Funk You Up

If you haven’t seen this video that is just in the beginning stages of its sure-to-be viral life then you should stop everything you are doing right now and watch this incredible parody of one of the hottest hits right now, Uptown Funk. Keith Allen and his friends have already made it onto & in less than 24 hours with “Dark Lord Funk.”

I met Keith nearly 2 years ago when we were both auditioning for the same part in a rap musical. I was blown away by his skill to instantly pick up lyrics. He was also insanely good at coming up with his own lyrics to the best beats. Keith struck parody gold with his first hit that now has close to 2 million views: Talk Nerdy To Me.

“I first got into parodies when I did ‘Talk Nerdy to Me.’ It was fun at first but it did so well that I kept at it,” said Keith when I spoke to him just after his newest parody was released yesterday. At the time of this article it had already be viewed 240,000 times!

“I’ve been working on it since December. But almost gave up on it 3 times since it was such a big project with crazy costumes, makeup, and locations. The other guys really stepped up and it came together because of their help.”

Keith’s crew included filmer Marcus Joseph, producer Andrew Carver, and the voice of He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named, Elijah Thomas.

I knew that I would love this music video as soon as I heard about it. I mean, Harry Potter was such a big part of my generation’s lives and Uptown Funk is still #1 on the Billboard Top 100 having been on the chart for 18 weeks straight!

These lyrics are genius.

Fill my goblet, put some fire in it
Grasp the hands, make the vow
Come on ‘Trix, seal this now!
We takin Diagon, Nocturn, Hogsmede, Anywhere!
If we show up, we gon’ curse out
Badder than that Devil’s Snare

Not too shabby for having written them in one afternoon. “When it hit me that I could do the song with Voldemort, it just clicked for the lyrics.”

As a Utah station we are lucky enough to know many of the filming locations including South Fork in Provo Canyon for the Dark Forest, The Wall at BYU, American Fork Amphitheater, and SLC’s Ray’s Barbershop.

Oh and PS, the Python in this video is named Snape. Perfect!

Keith Allen

Keith Allen


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