Cougar Cuts and Quotes: May 7th, 2015

News and Notes:

Criddle: “Skye PoVey is blowing up again in social media. He’s not a subject outside of BYU fans.”

Criddle: “When there’s an outpouring of negativity towards any one player I feel like I need to see if it’s justified.”

Criddle: “Skye had a great season from the Free Safety spot. He had great tackles, good stats, and didn’t get burned.”

Criddle: “I asked every BYU defensive coach and they said that Skye was the best defensive player last year.”

Criddle: “Everytime that Rob Daniel throws his hands up and flips off Skye PoVey it doesn’t mean that it was Skye’s fault, Rob blew his coverage.”

Criddle: “Jan Jorgensen was one of the best defensive linemen in BYU Football history, he blew up the MWC for 4 years, how did he not get an invite?”

Jorgensen: “For me, I ran the worst 40 of my life. I ran a mid- 4.9 where I had previously been running in the low 4.8’s.”

Criddle: “Max Hall was called a hero by a fan when he came up to Utah during his rehab stint.”

How We See It:

Criddle: “When Max Hall was arrested last year, there was a lot of negativity. Especially from Utah fan’s calling it Karma.”

Criddle: “Max Hall had a few heroes who went out of their way to help him out.”

Criddle: “Max Hall travelled to Utah incognito. He was wearing a hoodie, a hat, trying to lay low. A fan recognized him and walked up to him and said, ‘Are you Max Hall? You’re my hero. Good luck.'”

Criddle: “I would say that Max Hall is a hero for going through what he is going through and staying the course.”

Jorgensen: “He is facing the choices that he made and is trying to get back to where he once was. It’s a difficult journey to find yourself once again.”

Criddle: “Another BYU hero of mine is Sete Aulai, he’s a detective in the WVC PD. He helped save the life of a 12 year old girl.”

Criddle: “This girl was 12 years old but could only communicate at a 4 year old level. She was being sexually abused by her step father for years but Sete helped her break the silence.”

Jorgensen: “I feel that stories like Sete are the rule rather than the exception where we’ve seen all the controversy lately where the exception has come up more often.”

Jorgensen: “My BYU hero is ‘The General’ I have a very vivid memory during spring ball of Cameron Jensen after a long, hard practice where we were absolutely exhausted. Spring ball isn’t very fun because the coaches work you so hard. I remember looking out after a particularly hard Friday practice seeing Cameron Jensen with a folding table on his shoulders doing lunges across the width of the practice field.”

Kevin Heiberger Interview:

Heiberger: “I received my marketing degree at the University of Iowa and we were in a little bit of a recession so the only job I could get was selling farm equipment.”

Heiberger: “I went back to Iowa St University and got my degree in Exercise Science.”

Heiberger: “The two coaches that I studied under ended up being the head guys at Air Force and Baylor.”

Heiberger: “Coach Wintrich took me to North Texas where I was there for 8 months before going to the IMG Academy.”

Heiberger: “I trained under Loren Seagrave at IMG and was there for about 4 years until Coach Wintrich was hired here and brought me on.”

Heiberger: “Bio-motor abilites are all trainable abilities in the human body: Strength and explosiveness, speed and agility, flexibility, and endurance.”

Heiberger: “To me nationally, BYU has always been known as the Quarterback U. It’s a place of great tradition, and I think it’s a special place.”

Heiberger: “I had never seen anyone more dedicated to his craft then when we were training Russell Wilson at the IMG Academy.”

Heiberger: “One thing I try to get into kids is that they may be performing at a certain level, but they can perform at an even higher level.”

Heiberger: “We are trying to focus on strengthening our cores, hip flexors, abdominals, and any way we can help them out.”

Cougar Insider Report:

Jorgensen: “I think bringing on a coach like Coach Heiberger to try and fix the problem of getting guys to the NFL.”

Jorgensen: “75% of what happens with the player and the NFL has to do with that 40 time.”

Jorgensen: “That 40 time will take someone from being a 1st round pick to a 5th round pick and vice versa.”

Criddle: “I think it’s a good move, but I’m just disappointed that it didn’t happen sooner.”

Brandon Gurney Interview:

Jorgensen: “What’s the one thing about the 2007 TCU Football game?”

Jorgensen: “It was very slippery on the field that week, it was slushy and mucky even though there was no rain that week.”

Criddle: “Was someone told to overwater the field?”

Criddle: “I don’t think that there’s not really any competitive advantage to it cause you play on the same field.”

Gurney: “I remember Gary Patterson made a big deal out of it in post game.”

Gurney: “I would say that Frank’s commitment went soft rather than a decommitt because of how positive his family is about BYU.”

Gurney: “They are a very LDS family and there are members of his family who want him to go to BYU.”

Gurney: “Frank said that he wants to decide before the season starts, which is in November.”

Gurney: “He’s taking a dual visit to Duke and North Carolina in June.”

Gurney: “One thing that may hurt BYU is that they are getting bounced in the first round of the NCAA tournament. Frank wants more than that.”

Gurney: “I’m beginning to think that the chances increase after his mission.”

Gurney: “There are a lot of guys who go on mission and they want something knew when they go to those other schools.”

Criddle: “When people criticize a young man for decommitting from a school, they have no idea what they are talking about.”

Gurney: “I interview a BYU baseball player, Dillon Robinson, who was very forthright about what his journey was.”

Gurney: “His focus coming in was that he wanted to play professionally and it changed after he played at BYU for a little bit.”

5:30 Segment:

Criddle: “I remember taking a step onto the field and it just made that sucking noise.”

Criddle: “Gary Patterson called out BYU and said that it was overwatered on purpose.”

Criddle: “What would Bronco Mendenhall do if John Beck or Max Hall were caught deflating footballs?”

Jorgensen: “There’s a reason that Coach Mendenhall has gone so long in not losing to anyone in the Cougar Challenge, because he’s so competitive.”

Criddle: “Everrett Golson is transferring from Notre Dame and you need to hope that he doesn’t show up on BYU’s schedule.”

Criddle: “No one can bring down Taysom Hill except for Brian Suite.”

Jorgensen: “He’s Taysom’s kryptonite.”

Random Thoughts:

Criddle: “I hope players can check the name tag on the sideline and start playing like a football player again.”

Jorgensen: “I feel like some BYU players may have an identity crisis.”

Criddle: “I feel like when you play football you have to play angry. When I played I felt like I was disrespected by coaches, teammates, and fans.”

Jorgensen: “I would go and talk trash out on the field. It’s not how I usually am but it really got me in the mindset that I need to be in football.”


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