Cougar Cuts and Quotes: May 5th, 2015

News and Notes:

Logan: “I feel like if you have to retract a statement, 90% of the time you meant it how it sounded.”

How We See It:

Logan: “I feel like they are definitely on the right track now, there wasn’t as much of an emphasis on it as there is now.”

Logan: “BYU’s job isn’t to get you prepared for the NFL. It’s to get you prepared during the offseason for the season.”

Logan: “I barely had agents who wanted to invest in me. The agent I ended up with didn’t want to put any money into me.”

Logan: “I didn’t put 100% into training and I had to use a couple different resources to prepare for my Pro Day.”

Criddle: “On film, Skye PoVey doesn’t look like a 4.56 guy, he looks like a 4.8 guy.”

Criddle: “That’s why all the football fans here in BYU think that he wasn’t very talented.”

Criddle: “Bronco recently hired a guy by the name of Kevin Heiberger who is in charge of preparing players for the combine.”

Criddle: “I think that BYU does need to do a better job, but they are taking action now to prepare them to go to the next level.”

4:30 Segment:

Criddle: “Drew Chrisman, an LDS kid from the Midwest ended up committing to Ohio St over BYU in the last couple of days.”

Logan: “I think that there are some things that Scott could’ve done better to get an opportunity.”

Logan: “I think that one thing that BYU could do better was to educate them on the process of preparing for the NFL draft.”

Criddle: “Garret Bolles decommitted from BYU in the past week. He’s garnered interest from everyone in the country.”

Criddle: “I’m extremely proud of Max and how he’s gone through the process. Addiction is a disease that you deal with throughout your life.”

Criddle: “Brian Suite, the guy who injured Taysom in both 2012 and 2014 signed with the Detroit Lions, awkward future convos in the locker room w/ KVN and Ziggy.”

Logan: “When I was playing there was another senior and I who would hype up Jake Heaps a little bit and we got in some trouble with Bronco Mendenhall.”

Cougar Insider Report:

Criddle: “Bronco Mendenhall is at the AFCA meetings this week. I am curious to know who he is out there rubbing shoulders and building relationships with?”

Criddle: “When other coaches talk to BYU they are like, ‘You have to deal with this? and this?'”

Criddle: “The sense of entitlement at BYU is lower than it is elsewhere.”

Logan: “I would say that it’s higher.”

Logan: “I had a couple friends who played for SJSU, Cal, and Fresno St. and they didn’t walk around the way that I walked around.”

Logan: “Some guys who grow up in the UC bubble may think that BYU is the biggest step, where I come from, people don’t care until you get drafted by like the Niners or the Raiders.”

Max Hall Soundbite:

Criddle: “It’s very difficult to extract the individual talent of a player in a team setting, whereas it’s easier to do so in one on one training.”

Criddle: “Max Hall gave an exclusive interview with Fox 10 in Phoenix which we’ll play for you now.”

Hall: “It all started my first year with the Cardinals where I got a few injuries, on my shoulder and a few concussions and started taking some prescription drugs.”

Hall: “It was a downward spiral for 4 years where I really struggled and I’d use those drugs anytime I had a problem.”

Hall: “I remember going toward three defenders and next thing I know I was being carried off the field and he said, ‘We’re good, we’re good, we scored.'”

Hall: “I got my bell rung a couple times but this was different. This time, I was scared. I had just won the starting job and I didn’t want to give it up.”

Hall: “I lied my way through the concussion test, I told the trainers what they wanted to hear. I remember the next week against Seattle where I would go to the line and forget what plays we were running.”

Hall: “I got hit and was taken out of the game against Seattle, so the next week I started against Tampa.”

Hall: “I didn’t start taking anything until I dislocated my shoulder against the Rams.”

Hall: “My third play in the game I dislocated my left shoulder, I stood up and my shoulder was on fire, I thought at that point that my career was done.”

Hall: “I took more pain medication than I should have at that point.”

Hall: “I was in the NFL’s drug treatment program and I was scared, I didn’t want anyone else to know that I was in it so I maybe didn’t take it as seriously as I should have.”

Hall: “It was affecting my personal life because I would relapse every once in a while.”

Hall: “I was the OC at Gilbert HS and I just relapsed. I can’t remember how it happened, but it did. It was all a blur and I mixed the pills with some stuff I shouldn’t have. It was hard to deal with.”

Criddle: “Max felt like he let down the state of Arizona, and he let down BYU.”

Criddle: “Max felt like he was a failure and this was a way that he could take away that pain.”

Logan: “I think the best thing I heard from Max was that it was a blessing in disguise that he got caught.”

Wayne Tarawhiti Interview:

Criddle: “Had TCU or Baylor played in a championship game and won, would they have gone to the CFP?”

Criddle: “I think that Ohio State still gets in because of their non-conference schedule.”

Tarawhiti: “In my opinion, Seki Kofi was my MVP. He set the tempo for how we defended inside-out and had some huge hits.”

Tarawhiti: “I’m the original OG, Kofi’s just the little G.”

Tarawhiti: “I need to move out of the chocolate aisle.”

Tarawhiti: “The cool thing is that this has really caught on, we had some big swingers from BYU like Coach Rose and Coach Mendenhall at the game.”

Tarawhiti: “We lose quite a few guys going into next year like Seki and Kyle. But we have some talented RM’s that will be coming back.”

Tarawhiti: “Calvin Whiting will be the future of BYU Rugby.”

Tarawhiti: “We have two goals every year, beat Utah, and win a national championship.”

Tarawhiti: “After we won on Saturday, I started prepping for next year. My wife said, ‘Are you going to take a break?’ I said, ‘If you slow down, you’re going to get passed.'”

Mike Hague Interview:

Logan: “I don’t know about you or any other football player, but I’d rather spend some time in the weight room.”

Hague: “I’m stuck in traffic driving home right now and it’s literally the best part of my day.”

Hague: “You go on cougarboard for about 15 seconds and you realize why it’s the best part of my day.”

Hague: “When you put something out on social media you definitely have to be accountable for what you say.”

Criddle: “I don’t see anything wrong with the tweet, you said that Skye’s numbers were because of training with Penny, not necessarily because of BYU.”

Hague: “My office was a train wreck because of this. Whenever you’re the #1 trending topic on cougarboard, you know it’s a bad day.”

Hague: “I don’t feel like I need to clarify anything that I say. After your senior year you’re no longer training with the team.”

Hague: “Training during the offseason isn’t to get ready for your professional career. That’s why most of these guys leave the state to train.”

Hague: “One of the guys on another station said that BYU had very few injuries during spring camp giving a nod to Frank Wintrich.”

Hague: “At that point, they also added look at how Skye improved on his numbers and I tweeted at them and said that Jordan was training him, not BYU’s S&C program.”

Hague: “I think scheme is a huge deal.”

Criddle: “Do you think BYU prepares it’s players for the combine as well as they should.”

Hague: “I’m going to say yes and no. I’m going to say yes to the scheme. BYU can plug guys into a system who probably shouldn’t even be playing and they can be successful.”

Hague: “I’ve always been one for position specific drills. I don’t think Ben Criddle and Ziggy Ansah should be doing the same drills.”

Hague: “I’m still searching to know how a guy like Danny Sorensen didn’t get drafted with his numbers, his on field performance.”

Hague: “I wish I knew why Cody Hoffman and those guys aren’t getting drafted.”

Hague: “I see a guy like Kaelin Clay and obviously he’s a really good specialist but I still don’t understand how he got drafted and Cody didn’t.”

Hague: “I think the pro day numbers and the platform to show you can play combine to help you go to the next level.”

Hague: “There are some guys who have played at BYU in the last few years who haven’t been drafted and I’m dumbfounded they weren’t.”

Criddle: “Danny had film, he had the measureables, so I don’t know if it was his agent or if it could’ve been relationships with coaches.”

Hague: “I know that Skye’s goal was to just get a try out with the team and that’s something that he has done.”

Hague: “I had a whole bunch of guys online saying that there are 9 or 10 reason that I should hate BYU, but there isn’t a bitter bone in my body. There were times that I disagreed with coaches, but I love BYU.”

Hague: “There may have been a few injuries that could’ve been prevented but that’s in the past.”

Hague: “It kind of hurts me when I go online and see people taking shots about why I should hate BYU.”

Hague: “I love BYU.”

Hague: “I remember when Preston Hadley would come up to BYU from Snow and he’d say, ‘You guys get more than one pair of cleats a year?!'”

Hague: “I think that you and Brian think I’m a much better player than I really was. I played like 67 snaps over 4 years.”

Alema Te’o Interview:

Criddle: “There are now fewer RM’s playing in the NFL. It’s as simple as that.”

Te’o: “As of tomorrow at 5 pm, we are no longer accepting participants to the varsity camp.”

Te’o: “Nike will be in town to do a SPARQ combine on the 18th.”

Te’o: “There are 5 schools that play football in American Samoa and none of them have a weight room.”

Te’o: “I’m involved with the Troy Polamalu Foundation and we are trying to get some racks for those schools.”

Te’o: “Coach Stoops is sending out 5 coaches from his staff and Ok State will be sending out 2 coaches.”

Te’o: “Coach Poppinga said that he would be there. Steve Kaufusi usually likes to show up, usually we get a group of guys that just show up.”

Te’o: “We’re now on year 17 of the All-Poly Camp.”

Te’o: “Taylor Katoa from Layton is a guy to look out for. Texas is handwriting letters to him.”

Te’o: “Fehoko is a phenomenal receiver and will be getting attention from all over.”

Te’o: “Heimuli-Lund is getting some good attention to.”

Te’o: “We have almost 400 players registered for our camp, East Coast, West Coast, they’re coming here. We have a guy all the way from Georgia.”

Te’o: “We regulated to only having 30 QB’s in our camp this year. The MWE crew is going to determine who will be coming to our camp this year.”

Te’o: “We want to make sure the guys coming in are phenomenal and can compete at a high level.”

Te’o: “We’ve had between 50 and 60 kids a year who end up getting D1 scholarships.”

Te’o: “It’s a great opportunity for some underrated kids to come and go up against 5* recruits and prove themselves.”

Random Thoughts:

Logan: “Just because you’re an alumni and you voice your opinion doesn’t mean you hate BYU.”

Logan: “It gets frustrating after a loss. You lose, I feel like I’m losing. You win, I feel like I’m winning.”


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