Cougar Cuts and Quotes: May 27th, 2015

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News and Notes:

Dickson: “Just like Liam Neeson’s character in ‘Taken’, Paul Lasike has a particular set of skills that creates a headaches for linebackers.”

Criddle: “If Manase can pick up the game, I think he should be on the traveling squad on ST because I guarantee he has ball skills b/c of his rugby background.”

Criddle: “Ziggy was out on Kickoff because he was so darn fast. He didn’t really have any ball skills when he started therefore he wasn’t on kick off return.”

Dickson: “I wonder how these overseas guys are in terms of understanding football because of technology. If they have been introduced to it it will help.”

Criddle: “I guarantee that Manase is making progress already because he’s in contact with the coaching staff.”

Criddle: “I think that there is one scholarship left and they will use it to get a JC CB.”

Dickson: “Tyler had an opportunity to work out in front of about 100 scouts.”

Dickson: “He’s training at the P3 complex and it’s very interesting to see the way they work out each part of the body to get you ready.”

Dickson: “Terry Nashif said that Tyler was as good as coming off of screens as any player he’s ever seen.”

Criddle: “I think that Tyler Haws should play more like Matthew Dellevadova, I think that they have similar body types and athletic ability.”

Criddle: “Look at the pub that Dellevadova is getting because of how hard he plays. Maybe it’s that mouthguard…. and people hate it so much.”

How We See It:

Twestion: Why would a coach as successful as Chris McGown call it quits at the top of his game?

Criddle: “Could you imagine if Coach Rose or Coach Mendenhall walked away at the top of their game?”

Dickson: “Automatically, you think that there is something going on behind the scenes. You hate to speculate but it is what comes to mind.”

Criddle: “It definitely is a rarity.”

Dickson: “Chris McGown’s Dad was a coach at BYU for a long time, they won two national championships and he called it quits in ’02 because he wasn’t getting any support from the AD.”

Dickson: “Chris told me that he was missing out on time with his family. His wife and girls were on vacation for spring break while he was out coaching.”

Dickson: “Chris can do a lot of things, he has an engineering degree, he can work for gold medal squared and make a lot of money.”

Criddle: “If we’re going to underpay you you better believe it’s a calling!”

4:30 Segment:

Dickson: “Ben Patch is back from his mission and he’s been able to train with USA Volleyball.”

Criddle: “Oh yeah? How long was he gone?”

Dickson: “About a year…”

Criddle: “Alright! Go Ben!”

Dickson: “I think that this is a very attractive job because of what the position is. The future of this team is so exciting.”

Dickson: “When Tyler played, he was a threat to score 20 pts every night.”

Cougar Insider Report:

Criddle: “There is a young man out there who I won’t name, but I’m pretty excited about him.”

Criddle: “I know a coach down at a Prep School in Arizona, he was my OC at Mt. Ridge and we had a really good team.”

Criddle: “There is a receiver down there who is really talented. He’s got good footwork and good hands. I think he’ll be getting a scholarship offer from BYU.”

Criddle: “It’s a private Christian school that is 1A. The young man is African American and non-LDS and he’s completely under the radar.”

Hicken: “Two guys that I think flew under the radar before BYU were Brandon Ogletree and Spencer Hadley.”

Criddle: “I think that there is no motivation that is better for athletes than negative motivation. It makes them so hungry.”

Criddle: “Michael Jordan is an angry disgruntled old man who will never let anyone who disrespected him forget it.”

 5:00 Segment:

Criddle: “We were fortunate to have Gary Sheide on our show last week. He is an absolute legend, he started QBU.”

Criddle: “He was the first QB to go to a bowl game, first to win the Sammy Baugh at BYU.”

Criddle: “He thinks that it’s time for Taysom to start working on his weaknesses. His weaknesses have never been his size, his strength or his speed.”

Criddle: “The thing that will help him at the next level will be his mechanics and the way he anticipates the game.”

Criddle: “He is in the 99th percentile when it comes to that strength and speed, he needs to really work on his footwork and reads.”

Dickson: “Ben, when you workout, who plans your workouts? For Taysom, who plans his workouts? It’s Frank Wintrich and I guarantee he will be working out Taysom for his position.”

Dickson: “In the last scrimmage before UConn, he was very disappointed in the way he performed, after that we saw him complete 65% of his passes.”

Criddle: “These receivers need to be explosive and be able to elevate to high point the football.”

Criddle: “I hope that Taysom is working on football specific and position specific workouts to help him prepare.”

Criddle: “You’re telling me that Jake Locker will get drafted in the first round and Taysom won’t? They’re such similar athletes.”

Criddle: “Had Taysom stayed healthy, he would’ve been gone 1st round.”

Criddle: “If Taysom stays healthy, BYU will win 11 games.”

Dickson: “I feel that the NFL’s love with running QB’s has been tarnished look at what has happened to RG3, Jake Locker, and Johnny Manziel.”

Luke Staley Interview:

Criddle: “Go to, this is a great way to give back.”

Staley: “Ever since I was in grade school I’ve always been attracted to the idea to helping out kids with Down Syndrome and now it’s kind of taken off.”

Staley: “One of my fondest memories as a kid was learning how to ride a bike and we recently did a study and learned that 80-90% of kids with autism and down syndrome never learn how to ride a bike.”

Staley: “We’re looking for about 40 more volunteers to help out with this ride.”

Staley: “All these kids will be learning on training wheels and other devices to help them facilitate how to ride a bike. It should be a fun week.”

Staley: “My kids are still playing football. They’re in baseball right now and I’m actually at a game right now.”

Staley: “It really depends on the season. Whatever sport they’re in…is their favorite.”

Staley: “Growing up I did baseball and track, obviously football, and basketball. Each one has an attribute that really drove me towards it, but my favorites were probably baseball and track.”

Criddle: “Urban Meyer has put out that he believes it’s better for athletes to play multiple sports rather than specializing in any particular sport. Do you agree with that?”

Staley: “Absolutely. I think that allowing kids to play different sports gives them some versatility and helps them out.”

Dickson: “Sam Gordon a young girl from Herriman said that she chose #6 because you are her favorite player.”

Staley: “Yeah, she actually played against my son’s team and I have a passion for photography and I was drawn to her from the way she read holes and made cuts. I passed along that information to her coach and we were able to connect and build a relationship.”

Staley: “I’m slacking on updating my website.”

Staley: “The offensive line I had my Jr year was by far the best offensive line that BYU ever had.”

Staley: “BYU’s always done a good job with their offensive line and I’m sure that they will stay on track.”

Staley: “Jamaal’s motivation will be internal. Sitting out and not being able to be with your team will drive you to work toward getting out there and being a part of the team.”

Staley: “I was down at BYU and my kids were on the hunt for autographs from some athletes and we saw Jamaal and my kids actually got scared because he was wearing a pink phanny pack and his pajamas.”

Staley: “I really appreciate a guy like Jim Hamblin, he’s a very sincere guy and I appreciate that kind of person.”

Dustin Rykert Interview:

Criddle: “Luke said that he wasn’t sure how he could motivate Jamaal but I’m sure he could find out a way to.”

Criddle: “I’m going to try and find a way to facilitate a meeting between these two.”

Criddle: “Luke is a genetic freak, I guarantee that he could still run a 4.5 40 and stand under a rim and dunk.”

Dickson: “I remember when I was a cub reporter I was called to go help cover a BYU practice and the first time I watched him run and my jaw just dropped.”

Criddle: “He ran for over 1,600 yards his Jr year and he made a little bit of a debatable statement saying that that the 2001 offensive line was the best to ever play at BYU by far.”

Criddle: “Dustin Rykert was a similar size to what Manase Tu’ungafasi is.”

Dickson: “Even though BYU has run pretty well in recent years, they still need to try and improve in some way.”

Criddle: “I don’t think you need to be a physically dominating person to be good at pass pro like you do with run blocking”

Rykert: “We did have a pretty good offensive line, I had a client who called me a few weeks back and my name came up and he just went off on how talented our team was in 2001.”

Rykert: “When I came in as a freshman with John Tate, the table was set for the expectations of what an offensive lineman has to be at BYU.”

Rykert: “There were some guys who came in and understood what it takes but it was few and far between.”

Criddle: “I feel like there has been a wussification of society where there isn’t really that junkyard dog personality and I feel that Tujague has tried to bring that back.”

Rykert: “Playing down in the south is a completely different experience. You get people throwing all their garbage at you and you can even get a nice young lady who will come up and give you an obscene gesture.”

Criddle: “What do you think about rugby players who come in and want to play football?”

Rykert: “I think with Tujague, he’s a Roger French guy and he will build him up.”

Rykert: “Tujague and I went up to go see Coach French and he let Tujague into the VHS archive of all the OL drills that he ever ran.”

Rykert: “He was like a kid in a candy store and he’s working on getting those VHS tapes digitized to keep for his records.”

Rykert: “You can tell when a player has that look and Manase definitely has it. I think that he will get an opportunity to play this year.”

Rykert: “Polynesians have so much natural athletic ability and their muscle tone, I think Tujague will help him bloom into something special.”

Rykert: “I was looking at the top 50 BYU plays of all time and for some reason they left out a play where brandon Doman threw a tackle eligible pass for a touchdown.. how was that left out of the top 50?”

6:30 Segment:

Criddle: “Somehow I convinced Dustin to stay here for another segment, I don’t know how I did because he’s twice my size.”

Criddle: “You said that he looked like Shawn Nua and you’re right, he does.”

Rykert: “Back when I played, Eminem was pretty big so everyone had that bleach blonde hair.”

Rykert: “I was told if I went to Cal I would be a starter and was getting groomed by Tom Holmoe.”

Rykert: “The feeling I got there was weird, they never really showed me around the campus or to the stadium or to the weight room or anything.”

Rykert: “Robbie Boscoe came to my house and I was one of those teenagers who was like yeah, yeah, yeah, I didn’t really understand exactly who he was.”

Rykert: “I remember one day I got called home from school during lunch because a coach was there for me. I go home and in walks Robbie Boscoe, Tom Holome, and a man wearing a BYU parka removed the hood and LaVell Edwards was in my house.”

Rykert: “I went to my recruiting trip to BYU and they take you to the media room. One of the guys who was hosting me told me that Coach Cable left. We had some big recruits coming in like Reno Mahe.”

Rykert: “They take us out barn dancing the first night and then the second day they took us snowmobiling. We had one kid who was from Florida and he had never seen a flake of snow before. He ended up crashing that thing in 10 minutes.”

Rykert: “The GA took us down the canyon in a Ford van and I’m in there with the kid from FL and a TE from OR.  The GA ended up tipping the van! So while we’re stuck up in the canyon, all the other recruits are at Ruby River and on their way to a BYU vs. Utah basketball game.”

Rykert: “In all the chaos, I lost my insulin because I’m a diabetic. I ended up having to go to a Dr and getting it prescribed to me.”

Rykert: “With everything that happened, I was advised by my Mom that she felt that I should be at BYU and I ended up decommitting from Cal and committing to BYU.”


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